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We are busy working hard to help promote companies that we feel are the BEST in the industry. We only share companies that we feel are "worthy" of your attention. If you would like to share your products please contact us at

We share online reviews, do at site trainings for farming, speak at community and church events and hand out products face to face as we meet people. We also do tables and booths. Our mission is to help and train people to live a better more excellent life through life skills. Many times people say to us You should patent that etc.. or charge for your reviews our response is no we are here to help people. However we do keep all the products we review many of which are either incorporated into our household to help us such as a bag of chips but many get donated to help others. Of course we recommend and share about the products we keep if we are sitting in a chair that was sent we are going to share about that for the next 20 years as it is in our home. We figure the cost of a product is cheap advertising and we love doing it.. it's fun! And we are very social :) Our heart is to help people after all if you never heard of the sink magic or the new detangle brushes how could we help people :) We work very hard to help others because it is our passion. 

Clay - The Boss and owner.. has over 40 years in Backyard farming and the trainer of all things farming and frugal

Ruthie - Top sales Rep and recruiter for major companies, worked with many celebrities,  sought after by social media experts,  to get numbers and has experience in church work grew up in Bible school, worked and taught in churches our staff all are born again 
Christians. Extreme Couponer, Sweeper (sweepstakes) freebies, all things frugal

Russell Appleby Jr.  - Graphic Arts Designer with College Degree paid for!... and not by MOM AND DAD! All things frugal, guitarist, gamer, chef. Also youtuber known all over as RUST THE MUST! 

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   Meet Rose Young. Rose shares wisdom in our Bible Study area on our blog. Rose had accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour over 70 years ago, has 7 children had been married for 50 years. She has a special ministry in healing and miracles. Click on Bible Study Helps on our blog sidebar to learn more :)