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Thursday, July 18, 2019

The secret way to stop all those telemarketing that really works! #SWEEPSTAKES

Image result for telemarketer    I get more than my share of telemarketing calls.. I rush to the phone only to find that it is a telemarketer.  I discovered this  secret way  to keep them from sharing their whole pitch with me one day and found it works like a charm. I ask WHO ARE YOU CALLING FOR? It stops them dead in their tracks.. Why? Because they don't know!  It is hilarious and fun.. to watch the reaction. Many just hang up.. some keep talking and I just talk louder and say Ma'am ,Ma'am, WHO ARE YOU CALLING FOR? And they hang up. Try it works.. Amaze your friends.. Sometimes I do get people that do know my name I just politely tell them I am not interested. I also heard from someone that you can take these calls and text them STOP I don't know if that works. Also I ONCE ran into one when I phoned it back.. not knowing it was a telemarketer and it said press #2 to be removed. You can add your name to the do not call list and all that but it seems like they still get through so in the meantime... just ask Who are you calling for?


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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Here you go a Huge list of #SWEEPSTAKES to enter ! #GIVEAWAY #WIN

I have a ton of hobbies one of my favorite is sweepstakes it can certainly add to your family and Clay and I feel this is wonderful skill for every family to learn. I usually do my sweepstakes during my relaxing time after dishes, laundry or at the end of the day I just kick up my feet watch a good movie and enter. The fun is when you get a knock at the door and it's a prize you won! It does take a few months to get those entries to start "maturing" example if you enter today in July the sweepstake may only end in September so you will want to enter a bunch and wait for those winning. I do share a bunch in my free group on facebook where you can enter your little heart out. Here are a bunch you can enter too to get your hobby started! Enjoy! Please share this post with a senior, a young mother or a friend who would enjoy starting this fun hobby! Just click below to enter on each link :)  <--- FB like and share Shop Chic Soul - If you need a friend to tag please feel free to use me :) RuthiePople you can follow me on fb at

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The break is Over and why you must give your workers a vacation! #SWEEPSTAKES #CEO

Image result for break over

I was chatting with a dear friend the other day and as we were talking she told me that her husband wanted to quit his job. He had been working for the same man for years with hardly anytime off without a big beg and plead. He had come to the point where he just wanted to quit. He loves his job. The problem? He needed a break. His boss was a friend so he would find himself helping through vacations etc.. so he just wasn't getting any relief. The outcome I don't know.. but this is why even as a blogger it's smart to take a break. Clay and I had so much going on this year it was insane. Nothing blog or youtube related just life. So what did we do? We took a break! We did the occasional blog post or youtube but let's face it after 10 years I needed a break to rethink and pray the direction we should be going. .. I used to love one job I had where the only way to get a break was to PHYSICALLY get outta town.. I would get up at 5 am in a hotel slink down to the lobby grab a cup of coffee bring it back to my room open my Bible and pray. These times of refreshing have made me  better person at work and play. Let's face it people that don't take a break get wound pretty tight so to speak.  When you get back to your hobby .. which is my blog and youtubes.. or your job or whatever you have been working on.. even if it is just a crochet project... when you come back you have new perspective and are fresh. It's been a long year for Clay and I but now we are so refreshed that we feel like we are going to do 200% more than before!  If you are a business owner, church worker, blogger, sweepstaker, etc.. TAKE A BREAK.. you will be better for it. 

  <---- This is a guinea hen.. We have these on our farm to sound the alarm! 

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Possums, farmers, and city? #SWEEPSTAKES

Image result for google images farm

It's not quite been 10 years but sometimes gathering with friends can bring memories to light. When I met my husband I was totally "CITY". Not just "city" but a trend-setter besides. I had enjoyed a life of cushy jobs, fashions, restaurants and more. I was the cool person. The one sought out in business and in friendships. BOOM ! a divorce and meeting a new man.. He was salt of the earth 100% country. In my world he came from the most "rednecked area" in Upstate NY.  As a teenager the mix  would have been ruined by teenage "coolness" and country snobbery!  Throughout my life friends  would say things about me like "RUTHIE !"  shouting in laughter she's the worst cook I know! I am sure those that know me very well were shocked when they heard the news that Ruthie moved to a little rural area and is a farmer's wife. They would say in shock "NO WAY!  Those that were in competition with me probably said. good,  she belongs there with a snoot and a huff. Life had changed for me. It was odd to see someone slap deer on your kitchen table at midnight as a gift..still on the hoof.., it was odd to have people check the dead possum in your driveway for babies just in case there were babies for pets. Then there was the shotgun story with dogs, the police and the farmer. The farmer was in the right!  I was different I was a city girl. I had to change... my  fashion I would now be  picking up rabbits or in the chicken yard My talk.. straight to the point.. idle chatter doesn't work well in the country. People are busy just say it I have to go back to work.. is the undercurrent of thought.  My ways- who I am?  I really am stuck in between two worlds that will never come together. Ever!  I still have a huge family who are all city that don't understand.  My husband, his family and friends are all country. They don't understand.  Neither side  will ever understand.  Trust me they try but being "immersed in both worlds" I can see that I wouldn't want either side to change. I am very blessed indeed to have seen both sides and to be able to function in both. Neither right or wrong but different. So the memories and gathering.. It was great to meet with my country friends and to think of all the memories and changes I have experienced since I moved here and to know that I belong now. If you are like me.. Enjoy ! It is a true blessing.. if you are stuck in the middle enjoy the process of learning new ways of life. I am also a arm chair traveler via youtube.. I have learned don't judge another way of life just learn being opened minded is wonderful as long as the basics are right.. God first, family second and others. 

Image result for crochet granny square   Love granny squares??? 

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Who are YOU anyway????

you?? My name is Bug God.. I bug my way through life to get what I need to survive.. God speaks to me ..You are NO LONGER BUG.. Your name is now "FAVOR" . You are no longer can't do it by longer self sufficient like Jacob I have wrestled with God and didn't let go.. bless me, help me.. who are you? My name is Bug.. You are no longer Bug .. you are no longer that person that strives and is rewarded well for YOUR HARD WORK .. You have won.. you have wrestled with God in the night season through much tears and suffering.. you will no longer be that person bugging everyone but now All you have and who you are is because of me .Your God.. You are Ruthie, a good friend but your nickname who you are is FAVOR - All you are and all you do is because of my favor and I will give it to you. you have worn yourself out.. and it almost killed you..You wrestled but now you are free.. You walk with a limp.. like Jacob.. every step you take for the rest of your life everyone will see .. but a warning too.. DON"T go back.. after all you do have another hip .. I have wrestled with who I am .. and am blessed.. with a new name .. All I am and have and my future is because of God.. and guess what? I don't have to touch and help others unless God tells me to cuz.. I can't help them.. only God can extend his favor.. not saying I won't help anyone ever just that .. What can I do for you unless God extends His favor you may as well just learn to pray on your own prayer bones and through faith and patience.. God has such a sense of humor like my new direction.. sweepstakes.. through patience you will reap if you faint not... All said I just thought you would enjoy my testimony and it is a good time for all of us to do some self evaluation as God may just be preparing a HUGE blessing for you that no one can stop! Plus I got the sweetest hook up of all God Himself the Great I AM. And that's all I need.  except of course everyone of you as the Lord wills he will be my guide and not me.. I am no longer Bug I am Favor  - hope you enjoyed this and it inspires you to get alone with the Lord to grow in your faith.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The perfect pajamas for every family by UglyChristmasSweaters!

A Christmas Story Bunny Union Suit Pajama CostumeTo order yours go to

These are tooo cute for words! I am always full of fun and games and love anything unique. My family goes to the local drive inn on a regular basis one of the fun things about going is that many people wear pajamas! Even the adults as the movies all end about 3 am in the morning and they can just jump in bed. It's cold outside at 2 am even in the summer not to mention the biting bugs! Everyone is so happy at the Drive In that even teenagers will dance and sing not having a worry in the world or worried about judgement. I love it. This sweet pajamas is perfect for office humor, for camping, family events and more. Made well and most of all super cute! This will keep your friends rolling for years with laughter! Click on the link above and check out all the great things at the Ugly Sweater site :) 

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Yep.. we made bread,,,and expiration dates, cats and chipmunks

Image result for homemade bread

Okay, one thing we didn't know about retirement is that you pay taxes and also that some people actually have to pay back money if they work too long.. so we decided to make sure Clay didn't have to work longer than he was supposed to.. which means for us no income for 2 months as we have to wait for retirement to kick in.. we will be fine but we pride ourselves in living frugal and helping others.. so since we had 5 loaves of bread in the freezer we said let's make bread on this very first day of Clay was retiring. - We  only had to put it in the oven.. since it was  already made.  Honestly, it isn't frugal to buy the frozen bread, . it's just that it is best to use what you have. It's better to just buy the sandwich bread at Walmart for around 1.00 or go to Aldi's.

Clay and I also cooked up the half a bag of salt potatoes and used up the old veggies and noodles to make a salad. - The first thing I know is to USE what you have in frugal living. 

Our pantry is usually stocked full.. I do live on a farm you knows, so I actually am THRILLED that my hubby is trying to pinch pennies because I want that pantry cleared to the bone by this fall as I don't want to go another winter with that 4 year old apple butter or cans and cans of soup only to add more when they are on sale. - We go to food auctions and we have things we have purchased for pennies like all that $5 cereal for 1.00 a bag or that soy milk .. which  may I add, we hate can be cleared out or become food for the animals...

I found this funny,,,  my cats hate soy milk.. not even the fancy vanilla flavor.. and my cats are weird they eat anything.. including the 3 chipmunks they dined on this week..but they hate  that soy milk.. Tomorrow we are going to find out if the chickens like it. Those cannibals will eat anything even other chicken... don't ask me how I know.

Now for some exciting math, etc.since you are still reading..We bought about 20 at the auction at 10 cents a piece ... of that Soy Milk which is why I have so much of the stuff..

and since I am rambling we also bought "outdated" condensed milk.. which I loved in my coffee.. I said "Look Clay, it's curdling in my coffee!  .. he said it's doing that  because it is cold and your coffee is hot.. WRONG.. it was curdling in the can.. after I drank about 3 of them !!!.. I found that the 10 cent condensed milk didn't hold up to the expiration outdated date and that I didn't die from drinking curd milk from expired condensed milk. Good news for me!  I tossed the rest out..I wouldn't recommend eating outdated food etc.. but after working in the food industry for a winter at a local factory. ( I never worked in a factory in my life.. and it seemed scary at first I always had those nice cushy jobs but living in the sticks I didn't want my new hubby to think I was lazy.. All said.. that was actually one of my favorite places to work after the apple season was over.. the job was over..and something that I would do again.. but I am retired along with my hubby so that isn't going to happen.. !) I found out that the apples were stored for a year in cold storage and when the government came in to check those apples in the factory, There couldn't be any and I Mean NO defects they have to be PERFECT to be on a boat for 6 weeks.. After that experience I personally feel our food in the USA is more than safe!!!  Also .. learning more from my hubby through farming and his work in the food industry I guess I was "SHOCKED" at those condensed cans of milk as  most of the time in farming you really have to wonder if cans ever go bad.. but I personally don't do expiration old food ...anymore I just feed it to the animals there are only two of us and we really should avoid doing that again. My husband who has worked in food his whole life.. he won't even bat a eye he will eat expired food all day long. Since I am the master of ceremonies in charge I just gather up any straggling cans  and feed it to the animals.  Okay.. so that was part of the first day of retirement ... Clay and I watched movies.. The Swamp thing, I listened to books on my social media devices ..sweepstaking  in between.. and took a nap outside the chicken fence enjoying the outdoors. Clay also moved the turkeys and guinea fowl out of the garage brooder into their "baby cages" and I took care of the cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and of course the Dog. Oh we also went to Family Dollar to get Toilet paper, one gal of milk at almost 4.00 and cat food.... only to see that the cats did eat another chipmunk.. yuck! I saw OC .. Orange Cat playing with it as Maxine our older cat adopted this new kitty and is teaching it how to hunt since her kitties are all moved on to new homes except for Larry Cat. ... With that I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you want to learn more join us on youtube - Pople backyard farm :) I didn't edit all of this.. hey I don't get paid for blogging and I am retired.. so just consider this a letter from your friend :) - your friend Ruthie :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Inspire Bible Bible Journal

NLT Inspire PRAISE Bible  -     By: Christian Art
    I have a new Journal Bible and I am absolutely loving it! It is available from Tyndale house and is the updated version from the old inspire Bible.I love the color and it even has a few colored pages inside. Easy to color or to draw pictures and to create gorgeous art work. I am going to start sharing from The Book of James on my youtube channel in a few weeks with my art if you would love to join in here is the link

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Why I am moving out of my tiny house - And #SWEEPSTAKES DO YOU WANT TO #WIN ONE?

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Image result for tiny house images

Well, I kinda turned my real house into a tiny house as we had 3 rooms that we never used. I basically closed off the rooms and used them for storage. When you live on a little farm you have many many items that most people don't bother with. I have canning jars, dehydrate equipment, Bee extractors and more. Plus the normal items I have stored from extreme couponing and the like. ... I did turn my regular house into half the size a great experience for awhile but then.. I realized I was storing too much what if I ever use items in those rooms as well as my house seemed to never get as clean as I wanted because I just didn't have a spot to use. So now I am moving.. Moving into the other half of my house to expand. I will have a game room,  a craft room and nice dressing room. Yes, I still need all those canning items, and big huge pots they will find a home tucked in a corner in my pantry. Clay is retiring this month and I want to enjoy this time with him so I am preparing my home for the big change. Yes, I am moving out of my "tiny house' and actually am hoping to add one to our homestead for a bee house ( You can enter to win one in the link above) . So what do you think? ...Think you can get smaller for awhile.. and then go bigger when you want? It' easy if you have some spare rooms you can see if you like living in a Tiny house. After all most people seem to all congregate in one area anyway. This is easy for couples and small aged children but once the teen years are there you will need a bigger spot :)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Our cat had 5 kittens

What???? Stay tuned big changes coming to our blog here and our online life!

Hey guys and dolls.. I am super stoked to let you know we are making some HUGE changes to our online life... 

drink it up guys I think you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it... .. I have always been super social even earning the Nick name "The city that never sleeps" about as I am usually found somewhere  online 24/7 socializing.. but now we are adjusting things so that we are going to be even more social (is this even possible??? ) there is more.. much more..more great articles are going to be posted here that I think you are going to find informative and life changing. .. LOTS and I mean LOTS Of youtubes are going to be posted online and other videos (FB Live, periscope, yadda,... (sub to us at !!)  Clay is retiring at the end of this month so this means we have an enormous amount of TIME to dedicate to YOU (remember TIME IS THE CURRENCY OF THE WEALTHY) This year I have had to hold the fort down doing double of everything as Clay was recovering from surgery. If you have ever been a full time day nurse you can imagine all the work I have had to do alone plus there was a major crisis in my extended family so my life has been more than crazy. The good news is God is always preparing and setting us up for success what we don't know-- He has us covered. He had it all planned out all along. With that I want to  use this post as a millstone for all of us so we can remember that today is the day of big changes and you are about to see these all open up and YOU  are a part of it!  Please keep us in your prayers and follow us all over social media. Our desire is to be a blessing to your life and to share information that will be life changing for you. Would you do me a huge favor and share this with your buds on social media.. it will be more fun to have more people involved and you will enjoy having your friends included with you on this too. Thank you for being a member of our online family you are the best! PS if you have read this post congrats you are now part of our family HUGS to all of you! 

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