Saturday, May 19, 2018


Honey contains all the products to keep you alive and healthy. - Eat a spoonful of honey a day.

Honey- clears the skin 

Honey is a cleanser, moisturizer, put honey on your skin and you will get a hydration that lasts longer.

If you want a exfoliate add baking soda and put on face and wash away.

Honey helps you to loose weight. - Honey boosts your metabolism! fiber, protein and water not empty calories!

warm water honey and cinnamon - a great healthy drink!

Helps to lower cholestrol and has no cholestrol in it at all.

Helps you to have a stronger heart. - drinking a glass of honey with 4 tablespoons of honey!

Dark honey is better

Honey can help fight stress and improves your memory

Eat one or tow minutes before meals for weight

helps you to sleep 

Eat on a empty stomach - destroys germs -- helps to keep a healthy stomach

helps with indigestion 

Relieves nervous tension! - for those with anxiety and physcological disorders

honey and garlic combo - boost your immune system. mix in a jar - infuse for a few days and take a 
few times.

---  Must always be eatten in moderation - too much honey is bad for you.

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Get the Look - #FALLFASHION Peas and Carrots #CROCHET

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat and closeup     We were surprised with the fact that Clay had a extra day of his vacation. It was great since it was the FIRST day of his vacation! Since we had a major electrical problem it worked out nice since we called another electrician, the first one didn't respond back. I think he may not have liked all our BEES as we are beekeepers. We went to Walmart and Lowes. I grabbed two skeins of "fluffy" yarn that I hadn't spotted before and LOVED the color! Clay and I popped a couple of those cheap movies you get in the bin at Walmart when we got home. I was wondering how much was on the skeins so I decided I would go for a hat and maybe if I had enough would make a cowl or infinity scarf. It worked fast since I was using a Size N hook - so hooking at the speed of lighting..  Oh yeah the, Metal N Hook is  available at Walmart for about a buck. I found that there wasn't much difference between the single and double crochet with this yarn so I did double crochet. Both projects were finished during the two movies. I showed Clay and he started LAUGHING! The fit was right the cowl was right, but the COLOR! After being a interior designer and make up artist as part of my career portfolio I knew it could still work for me,  but I did toss it out on facebook.. to see what everyone else thought.. ( - friend me please or follow me!)  and yep, peas and carrots, and other comments showing for me this wasn't the best choice.  People weren't thrilled with the project. HOWEVER.. I think this would be awesome for rugs, home decor, and a fall blanket. It will be a fun challenge for me to find a way to make this work for me.. LOL.. another thing in my career portfolio image consultant.. so fashion is in there.. My strongest skill has always been sales, marketing, influence 2nd being the arts- Maybe I can market the Peas and Carrot look for fall? All said if you buy this yarn make sure you pick out a nice project cuz it it is pretty awesome. Sorry about the career bio guys.. I have worked so long I am a natural born sales influence type person so it is just part of me :) Love you guys next time you eat peas and carrots think of me wearing this hat in dignity! Or snap a picture of me in those people you see at Walmart! LOL

As a beekeeper we want to encourage you to get LOCAL honey from a local beekeeper.. This is the honey that is good for you. I eat honey on a piece of toast in the morning. Good for allergies and so many things. Wonder about honey??? Youtube it you will be surprised at what you THINK is HONEY!!! Also please sub to us on youtube http:/  to see how we keep our bees - It is fascinating!

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Oh Olive How did this happen???

Olive came to us a couple of weeks ago from Clay's grandson. He had bought Olive as a Maine Coon and since his daughter was allergic, we took her. They told us she was 3 months old and I thought she looked like a regular cat but after doing some research there could have been a possible that she was a Maine coon. It was a wait and see situation. I soon noticed that there was a pretty black and white cat hanging around our yard. A lot of people "dump" cat's off in our area so it isn't unusual to see "someone" new. Some are friendly and some are feral ... I also notice a big grey tabby which I wondered was "Judah", a friendly guy, that I actually petted and must have been dumped off he was somewhat feral but he left and we didn't see him again. If they are friendly there is usually someone that is happy to have a new cat in our farming area the feral cats usually run the fields to mouse etc.. Okay.. off the rabbit trail.. so I wasn't too concerned about any of this until I noticed that Olive was definitely in Heat! She also was giving in to her new boyfriends! right in the safety of our catio! I came out for coffee and since I had never seen a cat in heat or mating I asked my husband about this (I came from "the city" and never dealt with this) I checked out the info and found that a cat is in heat for 4-10 days and it takes about 60 days to have her babies. I do encourage spayed and neutering so at 3 months and only having her 2 weeks it was very odd. All said .. I think we may have kittens! Love small animals? Check us out at

HAS YOUR CAT EVER PEED IN YOUR HOUSE? ck out my like page on facebook to see how to get rid of it --> Small Animal Love with Ruthie #PLEASESHARE

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