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Living on a backyard farm you start to find so many ways to save and earn money etc... It has been quite a experience for me coming from the business world being thrown into the country life. I will never forget what my mom said.. she said if I marry clay it will be like living among the amish.. and to be honest I am living with amish, mennonites and farmers all over here in upstate new york with a town of only 500! My husband is a whiz at taking anything we find and perfecting it or finding the guy that knows how to do it better than us! Laundry is huge in our home.. when you raise animals you want to be sure your clothing is cleaned well as well as all your floors, etc.. to be mopped etc.. Here is the BEST recipe we have ever found for laundry soap.. NO GRATING.. it works and it costs pennies. We made a batch last October and I am still using it. I just took a $5 tub I got for IceCream recycled from Aldi's I posted this on the top under homemade recipes but I wanted to highlight it today.. You will save a MINT in Laundry soap and this will add to your christmas money by not having to buy all that expensive laundry soap... I love the smell and it WORKS! and NO GRATING! Please feel free to tweet this, email this, share on your facebook to everyone you know.. Here is to a blessed Christmas to you.. My previous post--

Homemade Recipes and GREAT TIPS

Best HomeMade Laundry Soap - No grating and CHEAP!

We are loving this recipe for homemade laundry soap. Here is the recipe that we use at the Pople Backyard Farm .. with our backyard farm we do a ton of laundry to keep things clean between the cooking and the outside work etc.. The cost is approx. $20.00 a year...depending on size of family.. but personally I can't see a family going past one of  these "SERVINGS" so to speak in a year.. so here is the recipe... Enjoy and would you be so kind as to retweet this on twitter or repost this blog on facebook and post so that we can get the word out to help other families live a better quality of life? Thank you so much ---

BOROX 4 lb box
Baking soda 1 box
Arm and Hammer Super Washing Suds 3 lbs 
BORAXO Powder Hand Soap 12 oz

Very easy... get a big ol ice cream tub ( I get mine from Aldi's then my family has a reason to eat ice cream... haaa.. cost about 5.00 for the big tub of  ice cream... ) and then .. just mix all powders together and store in a dry place.. USE 2 tbs per LARGE LOAD.. 

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