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Best Reads

Welcome to our Best Summer Books for 2018! I love reading, in fact I love reading so much that I read a book a day ! I know it sounds impossible but yes, I do a lot of reading! All said I want encourage you to take up the great hobby of reading. Even Children's books are great and I read those as well! There is much to be said for being well read. Okay with that.. I want to encourage you to check out my list of Best Summer  Books 2018 . These are just a few to get us started and I will be adding to this list.. so check back often!!!! If you are a author or Publishing Company - Go ahead and send us your books just put on the envelope Best Summer Books 2018 . We only accept paperbacks and hardbacks or audio books. All books will not be returned in exchange for the honest review- all books will be donated locally to family or friends and a local charity in order to help spread the word about your great books! All said please ship to Ruthie Pople 13642 State Route 370
Red Creek, NY 13143. With that Check out this list and Let's get Reading!

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LOVED IT!!!! Need to build up your faith? Love true stories? You are going to be blown away by the TRUE stories in this book one right after another of cool things that happen to people when God happens. Be prepared this is a life changing book that will show that miracles still happen today. Sorry guys no spoilers here EXCEPT for letting you know that I liked the chapter where the older gentleman had a word from the Lord it is the one on healing and went to see another couple. A MUST MUST MUST READ for all! I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself and if you can swing it get a copy for a friend! 

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Warm, pleasant scenery in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains, thoughtful and sweet a wonderful read for a hot summer day!  You never know what will happen on a chance meeting of two people. India leaves her life behind for a break from her TV job and her marriage plans. Things aren't going according to her plans and then she meets Wyatt. One of the things that I liked about this book to be honest is that Wyatt's car has the same name as my cat "OLIVE" LOL. I enjoyed watching how India starts to see value in other things and that life can be different for her - subtle little things that we all have creep into our lives as we realize that the glam life is just that-- all glitter --and no meat and potatoes. Wyatt is going through his own drama which is a nice add to the story line. I love books with rich behind the scene things such as scenery so this was a win win on so many levels for me! Pick up a copy for yourself! 

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I opened the book and knew right then. I was mesmerized under it's trance.  I absolutely love psychological thrillers and now I knew that everything would need to be set aside to finish this one. The first book I  have read from author Ashley Dyer.  I am hooked.  A intense read. The hunt for a sociopath serial killer. DCI Greg Carver and DS Ruth Lake open the 1st chapter.  It appears Ruth is tampering with  the crime scene as the murderer of Greg Carver, and  his assistant. When the police arrive she  finds that  Greg is NOT  dead. Secrets, lies, mystery and a variety of plant poisons and tatooes on the victims. Dark, deep, and disturbing. Excellent read you won't be able to put it down! 

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