Sunday, February 11, 2018

Get ready for your Spring Yard Sale NOW!

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I am preparing NOW for my Annual Yard Sale. To be honest I haven't really had a "real yard sale' since I moved to the country so it is time! I live along a major highway with constant traffic so this will help me to get "rid " of things we no longer need. Here are some tips to help you to get your yard sale together. But before we even get to the actual sale let's talk about the prep work. 

- Clean your house for Spring cleaning and get rid of EVERYTHING you no longer use or want. Don't be silly and get rid of things you may really need later. 

- Box up everything and mark it for your yard sale. - Go through every drawer, cubby etc.. Pile it all in the garage. 

Make colorful signs and put a ad in paper, Craigslist and on social media. 

Don't expect to get rich - rather expect to get MONEY to go out to dinner. PRICE YOUR THINGS TO SELL or you will be hauling it all back in. Face it people are coming to get a deal not to spend a lot of money. Plan on donating the remaining items to charity. My rule once it is outside it doesn't come back in! My goal for my yard sale is to sell everything CHEAP.. I figure this way I can get rid of stuff and people will be thrilled to walk away with a great deal and come back next year! You will feel great about your sale and all the smiling faces and also you will be de -cluttered and have a little cash to go out to eat or if you make more pay off a bill, etc. I love going to garage sales and doing them! 

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