Monday, November 13, 2017


One thing I have learned in life is to live frugal and you can meet your friends who are racing to make a lot of cash on the other side. Trust me I have been the guy that went out to eat daily and spent most of my paycheck on clothing and fun stuff for years. As you get older you learn the value of not having credit card bills and a lot of "STUFF" that just ends up at the goodwill. I also hate at this point in my life to wear the same clothes, car, furniture etc.. like "everyone else" I like to feel unique.. not weird.. but rather "custom" . Upcycling is totally cool and can easily be fitted in to your life to look "normal" plus you never know you may even start a fad among your friends. Moving to my little farm after I married my husband almost 6 years ago now - before anything gets tossed you ask yourself what else can I use this for? Nothing gets wasted. Leftovers of leftovers turn into chicken food. Boxes turn into totes until more totes can be bought. Worn out clothing turn into rags for cleaning or cut up for yarn for rug making. Milk jugs get cut in half for a fresh change for the toilet brush, etc.. You would be amazed at all the useful things around you - You are just "tossing" . It's like FREE MONEY!  My husband taught me that canning and making your own also tastes better and feels better there is just something about that "homemade" thing that makes it more special. Also - very important the MORE you do this the BETTER it will be. At first you feel like some of your creations are "childlike" after starting this hobby you will find more and more that your creations are professional and better than anything you can find on the market practice makes perfect. Even that milk jug for the toilet can be painted or spruced up to not look like junk and cordinating with the bathroom decor you will be amazed at yourself. Currently I am using a wine ice bucket for my toilet brush and it is really cute in my bathroom. I don't drink and the bucket looks cute in my bathroom. If I get sick of it I can toss it. It had a second life so I can toss it and not feel guilty. LOL. Okay here are a few ideas to get you started..

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