Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Giving your children the competitive edge for school #BACKTOSCHOOL

Growing up in the church, I often laugh when I hear people make statements like "I am going to let my kids choose to go to church etc.  I think let's try that with baths, going to school etc. really? Can you be so stupid and breathe? Well, here are the benefits I found in going to church :

 Before the school year starts the Pastor will many times pray for your children for the school year- If you don't think there is power in prayer the next time someone is on their deathbed the first people they beg to help are all those good people who pray. 

Many churches such as the Assembly of God and  Church of God (Lee College based) have Wednesday "Clubs" where the kids can meet with other kids and "make friends" youth groups, all ages - I know when I worked at a church many parents would just drop their kids off and not even go to the adult classes- which some parents would use as grocery shopping night and then come on Sundays (or not) where there are also classes in Assemblies of God for the smaller children) . Also Nursery on Sundays gives Mom a chance to sit in classes and with all the modern tech there are security measures taken such as tickets given to parents that match with kids and a screen with your number if the baby cries or needs Mom in the actual church service so Momma can slip out. 

FRIENDS! I remember ...I grew up in a Old German home.. my sister and I would have to clean the entire house to go to Youth group on Friday nights! Momma and Daddy were working in their printing company. My sister Zettie faithfully prayed every Friday for NO SNOW we lived in Upstate New York I think it didn't snow much between 1975-1979 on a Friday Night we often talk of the miracle no snow on Friday nights. Having friends at church is nice as it is a smaller group and because children naturally love God they will tend to be kinder so if your child is having problems at school they will have other friends to lean on. Also my momma used to say.. Bring your kids to church when they get naughty you say What do you think your Sunday School Teacher will think?.. take it or leave it.. but I used to get a chuckle at that one. My best friend Dale Imeson - a boy who passed away at age 30 with cancer didn't go to my school and we remained friends from age 13 on.. He was a pastor's son and taught me a lot about life... children train and help each other. 

More.. If your kid has trouble in school many times there are social things that come up or learning. You can easily adjust your child to a private christian school or Homeschooling - lots of contacts rather than go it alone. Contrary to popular TV shows most home school kids and private schools rank high in education - There is a book out on home school children going to Harvard at age 14. Because a home school education means taking a GED - Most send their kids to college early.- Another whole blog but because I am covering Education wanted to share  this. If you go to church if you have a "crisis" like I did when my child absolutely refused to go to the new school I home schooled for a couple years. 

The competitive edge for your kids is enormous! They will be able to pray before tests (remember the no snow winter) , have emotional support from others besides their school. 
They will feel a part of a club with new found friends and in my if they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour they will get a free ticket to Heaven - The greatest benefit of all - Meet lifetime friends like my friend Dale who know resides in that beautiful place called Heaven (like moving to Florida.. he just moved I will see him again) . - Now just imagine if you told your kids choose if you take a bath, go to school .. are you cheating your kids? What if you told them you choose to go to church. - Clay and I are living like our grandparents and I think lots of people pick up stupid ideas that don't work.. like letting your kids decide.. you may have to check out a few churches but I love the Assemblies of God as they seem to have it together and is a good place to start. Give your kids that competitive edge! 

    I chose not to take a bath.. see you at school.

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