Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Stray cat would love to stay at the Longcroft Cat Hotel #CAT #LONGCROFTCATHOTEL #LUXURY

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So I am a sucker for animals what can I say? This year I have gained a pretty gray and white tiger stray cat. We gave her the name Donny.  Although she sits on my porch each morning waiting for me to wake up and feed her she won't let me touch her. She will stand about a foot away from me - meow for me and make eye contact. She knows her name. I first noticed her when Clay and I noticed that she would get close to us and not run away. She was so skinny I knew she was a stray.  Living in the country and on a major highway many people "dump" cats and so it isn't a odd site, after all most of the people out here have a few "barn cats". Coming from "the city" I have had my share of pampering and have stayed at my share of luxury hotels. So When I heard about the beautiful Longcroft Hotel for cats I knew right there and then that Donny would love to go there! ... To view this beautiful feline resort

They have several suites for the kitties gorgeous beds , dinner served on boned china, beautiful surroundings and More! So beautiful! I have had the horror in the past of taking my pets to a kennel only to be disappointed in the care - but I have also had some wonderful experiences too - If you travel to to the UK you will definitely want to consider this luxury cat hotel for your sweet pet. I know that not only is Donny dreaming of the Longcroft Luxury Cat hotel but so am I - When I go to the UK if at all possible I will take Donny with me and she will be treated to a beautiful stay.. until then.. hopefully she will warm up to me but until then I am keeping her as comfortable as I can with pans of water, dishes of food and making sure she will have a warm spot to sleep once the weather gets cooler here in New York!

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