Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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It's funny how sometimes people stereo type people because they own rural land. I know many farming girls that prior they had a career or lived in the heart of the city etc.. I grew up in business my Daddy owned a company and I just kinda fell into the lifestyle. One of my many careers in the past, I'm 54 so have worked since I have been born...literally mom brought me home held me while she helped run one of the presses! I worked as a Interior Designer for awhile. I absolutely love the BIG MAN CHAIR at Lazboy! Lazboy is a wonderful company and will actually fit you to a chair or you can choose the chair you want.. example many people purchase a chair for others or their dog, a room , etc.. Lazboy has lots of perks too if you have problems with your chair etc sometimes they replace it etc. They are made with dried wood and have 48 postions to recline in. You can recline the back without the feet and vs/vs. Also stationary chairs can recline and they have lift chairs, etc. I love the Big Boy chair even though it is HUGE for Clay and I we both have sat in it together! The fabric is sturdy and another thing about Lazboy you can change the fabric and aren't stuck with what you see. I did my receive my Lazboy from Lazboy and no monies were exchanged.

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