Monday, July 10, 2017

Duck chows down on feed

   Our Indian Runner Momma duck wasn't taking care of her baby so I rescued him to reintroduce him back to the barn when he's big enough.. For now .. I am it's momma.. Duck follows me around the yard, takes a swim and sleeps indoors with us at night. He's so cute I'd love to have him/her as a pet forever. The truth is cleaning up bird poop in the winter from a big messy duck would be hard on him and me.. but I'd be willing if necessary. All said we do have to adopt babies sometimes in extreme circumstances but I usually work with them to get them back to their animal or bird families. I took "Duck" out to the barnyard today under my watchful eye.. to get him used to the idea as their are roosters, ducks and hens in there.   If I put him in the barnyard now he'd slip through the fence and be lunch for a cat or other critter without a watchful eye of a mom so he happily followed me through the barnyard and then  did chores with me and then I placed in his outside pen (with a his cage pool). I proceeded to pick our raspberries and mulberries  a job that a wee little duck could get stepped on - then we brought him in later to spend the night with us. He's so sweet and happy and I love the little peep peeps. Keeping a duck is so hard as you do get super attached as they feel like you are momma but I love the experience and look forward to seeing the duck bond with the runner ducks which in our experience herd up easily with each other as we put complete stranger ducks together and they bounded right away. - They did enjoy picking on our call ducks (who were busy nesting) we separated these as we wanted them to leave Daisy Call duck alone until she had her babies. All said I am pretty confident "Duck" will have a really easy transition. I just picture one day .. he may not want to come back with me.. especially if he is a male and sees a girl duck ! If you aren't subbed to us on youtube yet go ahead click that sub button you will love seeing this story as it unfolds.

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