Monday, July 10, 2017


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I love loom knitting it is a lot of fun and it is fun. One thing I love about loom knitting is that it seems easier. Whenever I loom knit in public I usually end up teaching a friend how to do it and without fail they usually end up doing a project and sharing it with me. Even my son in his early 20's took up the hobby with his friends when they found me loom knitting! My son made a cool hat and had fun wearing it. There are tons of patterns and things to make. I love them. CindiLooms has so many looms they have brought this hobby to a whole new level as they have just about every loom you can possibly imagine! They sent me a beautiful long loom to review and use and I am loving it. I can make a baby blanket, a scarf or just about anything! Cindiwood looms has the quality too. These are made well and so you won't have a rinky dink toy to use but rather a good item for a crafter that will last for years. Keep watching me on youtube as I will be sharing some cool things to make from this loom! I did receive my loom for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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