Tuesday, July 25, 2017



To order yours https://backyardsafarico.com/

What a wonderful company and great products I have found with Backyard Safari Co.

  Clyde and Sherri sold their Chocolate company and loved the outdoors and wanted to spend more time outdoors and with friends and family so they created the Backyard Safari Co . We were sent a nice variety of products for review. We are so impressed. All types of seasoning and even grow kits to grow my own salsa , etc..

Salsa Garden   For those of my followers that are teachers and homeschooling this is a wonderful tool in fact the Salsa garden is good for everyone!

If you are a foody you will also love the many spices and meals that are available. I loved the mixes and would highly recommend this company to all of my followers. Please share this post with a shout out on one of your social media outlets to spread the word about Backyard Safari Company ! I did receive my products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

      When sewing don't be in a hurry it is easier to "slow sew' than to rip out seams.

   If you would like me to do a product review for you it is FREE and a great way to get your name brand out there ! Email PopleBackyardFarm@gmail.com

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