Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Monthly Pill Planner - Item 310

Four-Alarm Pill Timer/Organizer- Item 410Stackable Clear Pill Organizers with Labels 7-Day+ Extra Container- Items 368-CL8 small, 369-CL8 medium, 370-CL8 largeLarge Pill Fob Necklace - Item 945XL, 946XL, 947XL, 948XL, 949XL, 952XL

To order yours go to http://www.pillthing.com/categories/pill-organizers-for-every-schedule

PillThing.com has the best pill organizers I have ever seen along with a selection for just about anything you can imagine. They sent us a nice assortment of products to review.  I like how convenient their products are. Special notes to the one pill holder on a necklace - great for days you don't want to miss a dose and don't want to carry a bag. The timers for pills is great for those who may not feel well and you are at a business meeting- it vibrates. So many things to choose from! Take a few minutes and look around their site they have so many things it is amazing! I did receive these items for review puposes and no monies were exchanged.

  If you have a product you would like us to review it is Free and a great way to get your name brand out there! Email us at PopleBackyardFarm@gmail.com

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