Friday, June 9, 2017

Love Lies and Typewriters by Heather Blanton #BOOKREVIEW #AUTHOR #BOOKS #BOOKPUBLISHERS

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Lucy is gaga over Dale Sumner. In fact it is so noticeable that it is hard for others not to notice. When she is rescued by Dale from a coming stampede Ace report Bryce takes a photo shoot and they are plastered all over the papers as "sweethearts". Bryce is in town in hopes of writing a novel and made an agreement with his father to help him with the 6 newspapers he just bought in exchange he will get enough money to take a year off to write his first novel. His dad is a bit shady and even though Dale could give a rat's tail about Lucy he talks them into faking they are "in love" in order to sell war bonds. The problem is Bryce falls in love with Lucy and she's falling back! When you pick this gem up you won't put it down until it is finished! I loved this book. A really sweet romance with no erotic! Absolutely a page turner and one you will enjoy reading! I did receive my copy for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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