Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's Talk Bees! #BEES

My husband is working on our bees.. I cringe that he doesn't wear a suit but the bees
really don't care about us as they are used to us working on the hives.

A couple of things of interest to people that are new to beekeeping - the bees will sting you if they feel threatened the problem with that is, once one bee stings you they all want to because the bee releases a scent that says come on buddies this dude is after our queen!

All the worker bees are girls - the boys are drones and don't do anything but wait for the queen to mate which she does once in her life and produces eggs for the rest of her life.

If I feel threatened by a bee - without my suit - I have a electric bug zapper, spray them a bee with vinegar or run under a water hose or jump in a pool! Just a handy tip to be aware of... rare but you do need to know in case of emergency!

I walk around the bees all day long without my suit and generally am not nervous around them, but I am respectful as example on cloudy days they don't really like to be bothered - rain is coming and I don't shake the hives or bump into them but they are much more interested in working then me.

All said if you are game beekeeping is a wonderful hobby and you get HONEY!

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