Thursday, June 8, 2017


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I come from a HUGE family.. I have 6 siblings and my husband has 5 siblings with all the neices and nephews etc.. I worked for years and had my first and only child later at the ripe age of 28 while my sisters all had kids at 18. All said I was always that aunt full of fun taking all the neices and nephews out to McDonalds and having the kids spend the weekend with me and shopping etc.. Now that I am 54 I suppose I have earned the title and even the great neices and nephews all want to visit me and play games etc.. So even though I had wanted 6 children but God knew best and gave me one .. I still am full of fun! I received some lovely games from Haywire Group and playing with the kids is a scream! Popping popcorn and turning on a funny movie to watch (keeps a few from getting too competitive!) I love all of these games and I guess my favorite will have to be Claws, Jaws and Paws. Great games for camping, sleepovers and family night! I did receive the games for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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