Monday, May 15, 2017

We caught our first #BEE #SWARM

   We had gone out of town for mother's day and spent the weekend with my mom. When we began our farm chores my husband looked up in one of our trees and our bees from one of our hives had just started to swarm!

What does this mean? It means that the hive wanted more room and 1/2 the hive will leave with the old queen to find a new home the remaining hive will hatch out a new queen and the process goes on again. Most beekeepers DO NOT want their hives to swarm and even though we had already split that hive a couple weeks ago they swarmed anyway. My husband decided we would get this hive and make another one. Which meant now one hive has now made three. Clay made a contraption of a bucket a lid and a pole plus we dumped the bees into the bucket and prayed the queen was in the big cluster. We already had a bee hive ready for another hive were were expecting to come in this week so we put the pile in and the queen was there because the remaining bees from the tree.. joined them in the box.. and they all marched in as once they find out where their queen is all the bees joined her.. Except for those who were from the old hive who are busy working to make a new queen. It is truly amazing how God is in the details even the smallest of things!

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