Monday, May 8, 2017

Red Clover Inn By Carla Neggers

Red Clover Inn: A Romance Novel (Swift River Valley Book 7) by [Neggers, Carla]    To order your copy click here

Charlotte bolted on her wedding day to Tommy. Leaving him at the altar. After that she hated weddings. When her cousin, Samantha,  got married she asked Charlotte to be her Maid of Honor, reluctantly she agreed. The night before the wedding she meets Greg a cocky guest who enjoyed bantering with Charlotte. Right away Greg is interested in her but he appears drunk and just plain rough around the edges. Greg is going through changes in his life in his work as a Diplomatic Security Service Agent he's about to be promoted to a desk job and he's not to happy about it. Charlotte, on the other hand is struggling with her job change as a diver who had a accident that affected her health and is told no more diving. As the story unfolds Charlotte is asked to babysit Red Clover Inn and unknown to her Greg is going to be watching it too! The two were scheduled to be alone in the Inn. To make things a little more interesting Charlotte is asked to search the inn by a elderly lady for a secret box. I loved how Charlotte and Greg acted with each other. It was a fun read and I could see something like this happening. I also liked that the book wasn't loaded with a lot of sex stuff but just a normal story although there was at a little in the book towards the end (I just skipped over that part). It was a sweet romance that gave you the warm heartfelt fuzzies. I think this would make a great movie! I did receive this book for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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