Wednesday, May 3, 2017


HANG O MATIC To order yours

I absolutely dread hanging pictures. I usually wait for my husband to come home from work which usually means I have to look at a piece all day while I am working until he has the time to do it. Hang o matic is so easy to use it has helped me to be able to do this chore for myself! It basically is just 3 simple steps
1. measure
2. level and mark
3. Nail and mount

This little tool does it all. I love that I don't have to hope that my hangings are straight now I have the confidence to know they are. This should be in every home as part of your standard tool gift ( A perfect gift for mom and dad too!) I did receive mine for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

If you have a product you would like me to review please email me at it is free and a great way to get your brand name out there!

As you know we are in the midst of our summer reading! I usually read a book a day.. just my way.. I also love audio books here are a few audio books I finished this month that I thought you may enjoy too :) Free on youtube.. 
Secret Garden (Audio)

Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A Heinlein

For more books click on the summer reading tab in the sidebar :) 

   #SNEAKYPEEK" - I decided I would share some of my embroidery this Friday on youtube.. If you love to embroider or are interested in learning join me as I share my work on youtube :) 

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