Sunday, April 23, 2017

We purchased 25 violets from North County Florist in Baldwinsville :)

Clay knew how much I loved African Violets so this year he told me that when tax time I could purchase a nice selection for our home. So I called a floral stand North County Florist in Baldwinsville, NY where I have purchased a some beautiful flowers in the past and ordered 25 African violets!  One of the varieties that we purchased was the Indiana African Violet. A gorgeous pink and beautiful green leaves. Here are some tips on growing African violets.

Water from underneath - although it is a myth about getting the leaves wet- sorta - You can water them over the top if you  lift up the leaves and run them under the sink using warm water. If you are new to African violets do water them from underneath because if you do get the leaves wet.. well, you will kill the plant.

These babies LIVE FOREVER.. but most people kill them early by overwatering.. I wait for my plants to be bone dry before I carry them to the sink to water. 

Do start a new plant from a leaf.. so easy it is insane.. cut the steam off - I usually wait until a leaf is falling off but anyway.. cut it diagonally and stick it in water a ( coke bottle works great ) do not let the actual leave touch the water. 

There are tons and tons of varieties to choose from but I love them all. I am so excited about having my african violets. I got about 4-6 different kinds but that was fine because this way I can work with for fun and to share with you guys some great things to do with African Violets. 


African violets are the number one plant - A wonderful gift for all the members of your family anytime because they last forever.. My home is so dark in the winter but my African violets are the only plants that make it through the dark days :) 

Stay tuned for more on this year's African violet series! And do pick up a few for yourself and share with me on twitter @R47R and facebook (my personal page ) and tell me about your collection or new plant :) 

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