Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to give yourself a DIY Home Manicure ! #MANICURE #NAILART #NAILS #BEAUTY

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Give yourself a DIY Home Manicure! 

Push back your cuticle (This is dead skin )  with a wooden stick (this has to be done to help your nail polish stick and no lifting and helps to eliminate hang nails)

Filing - one direction for a natural look do a square vs oval - don't file top of nail rather get a ridge filler to help thicken your nails prevents splits etc. (No base coat if you are using a ridge filler unless you are doing a dark color that can stain your nails.

Apply color 

A shiny top coat to get a shiny nail.

(Great tip for weddings, special events.. etc.. ) 
Need a quick nail fix.. apply nail glue and a tea bag.. empty out the tea and cut a strip from the bag over the spot - buff very lightly the edges to match your nail apply manicure as normal. Complete break of nail put on a fake nail and paint as normal. 

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