Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to choose the best Feather Duster #CLEANING

Image result for feather dusterComing from a big German family - I remember as soon as we could walk we could work at our home. One
of my favorite chores was always dusting. As I got older I realized that there was dusting and then dusting. All feather dusters are not created equal. The best ones are made from Ostrich feathers the nice down feathers,  and dusting should be done LIGHTLY not heavily with even strokes. If you are cleaning a large building you should gently shake it at your ankles to keep it clean to shake dirt to the floor for home use  simply shake outside while holding the duster down. It is well worth it to put a little extra cash into purchase a good duster you will see the results all over your home! So get your Spring cleaning on and dust away...

Top to bottom and then wax wood furniture and floors. 

If things are super dusty get a wet cloth and wipe down counters , baseboards etc..

Image result for images cleaning

Happy Spring cleaning all!

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