Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Emergency Bee KILL

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I am a lover of bees, but I also have a son that has been allergic to bees. First of all let me say that if you have a nest of bees around your house - call a beekeeper - they will usually take the hive for free or a low fee if it is in your home they will probably have to charge as they may have to tear apart walls, etc..  but if you have a child or you are allergic to bees and you need to take action fast.. fill a spay bottle with vinegar and spray them and even put a little on yourself - No vinegar.. try salt water or water as bees can't fly when wet. Another alternative is to use one of those tennis type electric zappers. If you are allergic to bees it would be a good idea to have these handy in and outside of your home along with emergency numbers. And make sure you make an appointment with your doctor to get a epi - pen if necessary.

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