Friday, March 31, 2017

Learn the American Moss stitch #KNITTING

No automatic alt text available.     For years I could only knit and purl. I then learned the joy of how easy it was to learn more stitches. 

Here is a really easy stitch to learn - great for baby blankets, dishclothes, borders etc.. The Moss Stitch. Let me give you some pointers too, so you can do this easily. Trust me it is a easy peezy stitch.

The American MOSS STITCH (keep reading after pattern to get it right!!! A bit of a overkill but if you did what I did .. you will be glad you took the time to read those extra lines. )  

ODD # of stitches 

Row 1    k1 p1 k1
Row 2    p1 k1 p1
Row 3    p1 k1 p1
Row  4   k1 pl k1

k means knit, p means purl
ODD number of stitches.. Make sure you cast on say 21 or 33 a ODD number NOT a even number. 

Counting ...
 example Row 1 says k1, p1, k1 NOT
k1, p1, k1, p1   but rather  k1, p1, k1, (one set) then  k1, p1, k1 until end of row (counting in 3's for each set)  Here is how I do it, I count Knit , purl, knit done.. then knit, purl, knit, done for say row 1 .. then purl one, knit one, purl one done.. and do it again until end of the row. 

The pattern above shows you this, but when I learned this pattern for some reason I wasn't getting it right and I kept thinking what am I doing wrong? then it was like Oh silly.. you shouldn't have been so excited just do odd number of stitches on needles  and count in 3's!!!

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