Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stop Eating foods that are destroying your skin!

Image result for Water  We tend to think of dehydration happening only in the summer but with winter upon us we tend to focus more on eatting than drinking good clean water.
Unknowly this can effect our skin. Too much coffee, and junk foods at parties and to make us feel warm isn't the best route. Consider a Hot glass of just water verses a hot coffee and dining on lots of fruits and vegetables. Take the time to plan a nice menu plan around foods that are healthy for your skin as well as for keeping you warm this winter. I have a electric heater going in my house and I have to tell you it is great for my sinuses but I want to also keep my skin feeling soft and pretty so gulping down tons of water is important. Sometimes we don't realize how dry the air is around us so a vaporizer may also help. Enjoy the below information to learn more about keeping yourself healthy over the winter with foods that are not good for your skin.

For more information click here 10 foods that are bad for your skin

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