Sunday, November 20, 2016


.... Well, Godzilla vs Destroyah is helping! Why? well, it started like this, my mom came to visit for Thanksgiving and I noticed my head was filling up.. Allergies.. - but is it a cold? Here is how to tell the difference.. A cold lasts about 7 days.. if it goes on 2 weeks go see your doctor. So back to Godzilla.. get better quick .. drink a bowl of chicken soup.. garlic or onion added help.. if you aren't the homemade kinda person.. just put open a can of chicken soup as long as it has real broth you are in  good  shape. dab some vicks under your nose and sleepzzz and yes, watch something anything that keeps your attention.. well, Godzilla keeps my attention because my husband is a big fan and we watch them together so it keeps us both entertained and he's happy to help me out why? cuz I am watching his movies *wink* .. so mommies you may find if you are like me .. you too start to love all these fun creature features too! .. all said I am feeling MUCH BETTER.. oh, yeah that disclaimer thing.. I am NOT A DOCTOR, just sharing my experience go ask the good doc to be sure :) 

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