Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MAINE COON cat takes over house #MAINECOON

Mister Kitty is taking over our house... I lost my boston terrier of 15 years about 2 years ago and I was just heartbroken. I was so blessed to have a Maine Coon kitten given to us when we bought our van. He was a stray that was living at the car dealership and the dealership was happy to have him go. I knew immediately he was the cat for me as he is so friendly and acts like a dog! Maine Coons are a unique breed in that they can grow to be 23-30 lbs ! I saw one years ago and actually called the game warden because I thought it was a wild cat! I had no idea how old he was but we figure from our research that he was probably about 10 weeks old. It's good to see his little belly grow fat and see him playing with toys and now taking ownership of us!

Check out a few of my plants

We have sold a good chunk of these at the auction and have our winter flock all set to go.


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