Friday, November 29, 2013

Surprising uses for Salt.. that will save you BIG!

Salt is one product that you will find can be your best friend and a pretty "cheap" one at that to help you around the house daily. :) Living on a backyard farm has taught me a lot about getting back to basics especially since my hubby is a old farm boy and has laughed at me and would say all you need is this or that it works better and cheaper or would grab a box of something and read the ingredients and say you have the same things on the shelf.. So today let me give you some "SALTY" tips to save you money and to help you in life.. 

Toothpaste.. 2 parts baking soda 1 part salt.. works great in a pinch.

Refridgerator cleaning - equal amounts of salt and baking soda on a sponge

Microwave- equal amounts of salt and baking soda on a sponge

Clogged drain mix equal amount of salt, baking soda and vinegar follow by hot water for 15 minutes ... you can do this routinely once a month to keep things running too.

Stinky Thermos - Put in slat overnight wash out in morning should take "stink" out repeat if necessary.

Hole in your wall ? Mix 2 tables salt, 1 cornstarch and enough water to make a paste good for nail holes then paint.. I have also used toothpaste but if you don't have white you may want to try above you will have to sand before painting. 

Candles - This is great for Christmas time! or long romantic nights with your husband.. to prevent candles from dripping soak them in a strong solution of 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup salt they won't drip for hours.

Mildew in laundry - great for Moms with teens that toss in their bathing suits and don't tell you!.. into the bottom of the hamper! Make a thin paste of Lemon juice and salt put on stain put out in sun to bleach it and then rinse dry.

salt, vinegar and water should remove most mildew on fabric and may help around the bathroom too use vinegar full strength. 

Skin softener.. Jump in the shower.. soak down good, put salt all over and rinse ... this will exfoliate your skin 

These are just a few pratical ways you can use plain old table salt. 


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