Sunday, November 3, 2013

12 Ways to keep your family warm this winter

Elderly woman huddled over the fire keeping warm

Living in Upstate New York, keeping warm for the next few months becomes a big thing and to be able to save so your heating bills aren't too crazy the following are a list of things I find helpful from day to day that you may find work for you and your family.

1. Put Bubble Wrap on the windows.. you can Look out and it looks kinda cool you just press it up on the windows and it sticks all by itself!

2. I pull out blankets for the family to sit under while watching TV so everyone is nice and toasty. 

3. If someone is Hot and someone is cold.. consider sleeping with a hot water bottle.. Adults only as kids may get it too hot!

4. I have plenty of room in my house so I block off three of the rooms that we really don't use so we are only heating part of the house. You can use curtains or just shut door.. you will have to "FIGURE OUT YOUR houses heating system for this one".

5. I have a hot bowl of some kind of soup going in the crockpot and/ or coffee or tea available to microwave... 

6. Dressing in layers so you can peel off extra if you get too hot while you are running around cleaning while someone else is on the computer. 

7. put blankets and a box of extra gloves, hats in the trunk of the car ..little ones tend to lose hats and gloves and this way you will be ready for them as a mom. 

8.  I love my Eden pure heater because it does heat up my house good so I set my theromostate at 68 but use the Eden Pure as for us it is cheaper.

9. stay hydrated, put lotion on ... run a little pot of hot tea water... to keep heat in as water helps the temperature stay warmer. 

10. Make sure no one sits in wet clothing, or wet hair..use hair dryers have warm pajamas ... you can even put them in the dryer to warm them up.. so everyone stays warm and dry! 

11. EAT GOOD... eatting keeps you warm too!

12. Move and exercise to keep that blood flowing !

There are many resources online to save money on your heating bills, etc.. but as Moms and Dad's if you can keep everyone warm, dry and happy that will save on doctors, and that saves too! 

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