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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bee essentials #Product Review

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I strive to stay as healthy as I can and to use products that are clean and pure so it was my pleasure to test out the Bee Essential Remedies to see how they worked for me. Loved the hand salve for my working gardening hands that seem like they are forever doing something related to the garden :) . The heel balm worked great on my tired feet and I was pleased a product that really made my feet feel refreshed and soft! A perfect gift for the garden lover in your world! 

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When God Happens #BOOKREVIEW

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LOVED IT!!!! Need to build up your faith? Love true stories? You are going to be blown away by the TRUE stories in this book one right after another of cool things that happen to people when God happens. Be prepared this is a life changing book that will show that miracles still happen today. Sorry guys no spoilers here EXCEPT for letting you know that I liked the chapter where the older gentleman had a word from the Lord it is the one on healing and went to see another couple. A MUST MUST MUST READ for all! I highly recommend getting a copy for yourself and if you can swing it get a copy for a friend! 

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Monday, June 18, 2018


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Warm, pleasant scenery in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains, thoughtful and sweet a wonderful read for a hot summer day!  You never know what will happen on a chance meeting of two people. India leaves her life behind for a break from her TV job and her marriage plans. Things aren't going according to her plans and then she meets Wyatt. One of the things that I liked about this book to be honest is that Wyatt's car has the same name as my cat "OLIVE" LOL. I enjoyed watching how India starts to see value in other things and that life can be different for her - subtle little things that we all have creep into our lives as we realize that the glam life is just that-- all glitter --and no meat and potatoes. Wyatt is going through his own drama which is a nice add to the story line. I love books with rich behind the scene things such as scenery so this was a win win on so many levels for me! Pick up a copy for yourself! 

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Murphy's Naturals #PRODUCTREVIEW    <---- To order yours !

Here you are you,  put on your favorite blue cotton jeans slip on that new light yellow top you've been saving, pack up the kids, head on over to Nancy's house carrying your best made salad and boom about 9 pm the bugs are eating you alive! The kids have marks on them .. the baby doesn't look so good either. You want to stay,  but should you?  People are  offer you their bug spray full of Deet and you really really don't want to put it on yourself , much less the kids. Your husband is looking at you like just do it.. Well here you go! Murphy's Naturals! No Deet! All natural products! great for the buggies that love to dine on you and your family to keep them running far!. We tried these products and give them a nice  big thumbs up. I loved the incense especially! We even took these to the drive in and it was nice to have the windows open on a cool summer night without having to entertain the black flies, mosquito tribes and other flying critters ! A must for the summer! Click on the link above to order for your family! Great for the 4th of JULY!!!!

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CK OUT picnic blanket!

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Check out our new picnic blanket! perfect for outdoor picnics, use in the car for drive ins and tailgates and the beach! Waterproof and easily folded up for quick storage.  We are loving this item available colors....

3-Layer XXLarge Most Durable Waterproof Picnic Blanket

In trying out this product we found it easy to fold, waterproof, comfortable and practical! 

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Best Summer READS OPEN ! - Send us your books!

Welcome to our Best Summer Books for 2018! I love reading, in fact I love reading so much that I read a book a day ! I know it sounds impossible but yes, I do a lot of reading! All said I want encourage you to take up the great hobby of reading. Even Children's books are great and I read those as well! There is much to be said for being well read. Okay with that.. I want to encourage you to check out my list of Best Summer  Books 2018 . These are just a few to get us started and I will be adding to this list.. so check back often!!!! If you are a author or Publishing Company - Go ahead and send us your books just put on the envelope Best Summer Books 2018 . We only accept paperbacks and hardbacks or audio books. All books will not be returned in exchange for the honest review- all books will be donated locally to family or friends and a local charity in order to help spread the word about your great books! We never sell anything we review! All said please ship to Ruthie Pople 13642 State Route 370
Red Creek, NY 13143. With that Check out this list and Let's get Reading!

Splinter In the Blood #BOOKREVIEW

I opened the book and knew right then. I was mesmerized under it's trance.  I absolutely love psychological thrillers and now I knew that everything would need to be set aside to finish this one. The first book I  have read from author Ashley Dyer.  I am hooked.  A intense read. The hunt for a sociopath serial killer. DCI Greg Carver and DS Ruth Lake open the 1st chapter.  It appears Ruth is tampering with  the crime scene as the murderer of Greg Carver, and  his assistant. When the police arrive she  finds that  Greg is NOT  dead. Secrets, lies, mystery and a variety of plant poisons and tatooes on the victims. Dark, deep, and disturbing. Excellent read you won't be able to put it down! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fill your bookshelf with #BOOKS YOU WON in #SWEEPSTAKES!

Summer is here and I love to have a nice big stack of books on hand to read :) I read more than most people and read a book a day on average. If you are a reader too or want to join the hobby here is a nice fat list of just books sweepstakes to enter! Also check out my Best Summer Reading list on

Book giveaway 

Book giveaway  -bookish  - we are constantly updating this list of book sweeps :)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Thumbnail View 1: Let’s Flirt Halter Midi Dress   available at                                           Available at /

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I have always been a dress girl and will wear a dress at least 1-2 x's a week. I love the coolness and comfort in the summer. Most of my time is spent working in my office or running the streets so a dress works perfectly for everyday wear. Let's get real personal here girls here is why I love the dress in the summer.. It is cooler, It is easier to use in all those portable potties and public bathrooms. It commands respect when you are bopping around and easy on the laundry for moms who have the ever flow of swimsuits, towels and the "surprise" neighbors and friends who pop over you can toss on a quick dress ( I have one hanging in my bathroom for this for the UPS man who I see everyday) A quick  answer the  emergency door opening if you are wearing a swimsuit, etc..  I love dresses also because they are just so pretty and make me feel pretty. If I get a really short dress I have learned to put on shorts or plain men's boxers under them.. to my embarrassment once at a sales event I was working years ago when I was holding a regualar job,  my team ran up to me and said Ruthie! Don't bend over! Lucky for me no one knew me but my team of workers! However, everyone got a view of my underware which trust me, girls, it is unflattering so don't skip the short dresses they are soo cute just put on some men boxers all the girls are doing this! And Yes! Any size girl can wear a short dress - If you hate your legs just put on leggings too ! So many gorgeous choices this year and I just love the dresses that are out! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Image result for hipstik tights

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Toss out your old hose ladies.. Hipstik is here! The beauty  you love with the feel of leggings! These don't sag, fit well and are great for all your outfits. I liked the low rise on these with the lace top - If you are a dress lover like me you will find yourself wearing a pair of these daily. They don't squeeze and they won't be falling to your knees. I tried mine while working around my farm with a little skirt and they were super comfy! I did receive my tights for review purposes and no monies were exchanged!

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Monday, June 11, 2018


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Mini Traveler Pack - w/4 Mini Shampoo Bars

Mini Shampoo Bars .65oz

I have done my share of traveling in my life . I went from being the girl who had 6 suitcases to packing a backpack and going as I learned when it comes to serious travel less is better. This is the way to do your shampoo when traveling JR Liggett's bar shampoo and the mini traveler makes it perfect! Love the shampoo it is easy smells great and works wonderful! It is even great for those of us who watch our kids outside and have jumped in the lake and done our hair! Great for Moms to use at the pool too if you have those boys that won't hold still you can grab the hose wash their hair and let them jump back into the pool or play in the yard.  Perfect for everyday use in the shower too! You will fall in love with JR Liggett's bar shampoo and other products! I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018


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I have heard about this shampoo and conditioner for years but have never tried it and boy oh boy am I glad I did! Mane'n Tail is absolutely fabulous! I have super dry hair and my hair is soft and bouncy. It feels healthy and smells fabulous! I was surprised to find that many people can use Mane n tale on their dog too which is a big plus - especially since that also shows me how gentle this is on your scalp. A definite must buy product for your hair! You will see a beautiful difference! I give this hair product 5 out of 5 stars :) We did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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I love soft shiny hair so it was wonderful to try the Zatik natural hair products. These are really good for your hair products and natural. Black seed and olive delivers a beautiful softening to your hair and shine. My hair was bouncy and really pretty. I like to use moisture shampoos since my hair is naturally really dry. My hair felt wonderful and looked beautiful! I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars! I did receive my product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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I am loving the Exuviance cleanser and Age Reverse Hydrafirm. The cleanser is smooth and my face feels soft anhd refreshed. The Hydra Firm has wonderful ingredients that target aging and you will notice your skin having the appearance of  looking significantly smoother and younger. I love these products! I did receive the products for review puposes and no monies were exchanged. 

   We love fish- and have a little pond in the back our home and they enjoy a swim while our honeybees get a nice cool drink :) 

Clay went to work and his car just stopped! He had to tow it to the car dealership and after we talked to them we decided it was cheaper to just get a new car! Click on the video below and don't forget to sub to us as part of our online family :) 

You are alone in a flood what do you do? #PRODUCTREVIEW #WINDSTORMWHISTLE #DISASTER #STORM

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Quick.. you are in the basement and it is flooding you know your neighbor is outside but he can't hear you what do you do???? You grab a storm whistle! It even works underwater!! Great for protection in hurricanes and other emergencies! A must for campers!!! I loved doing this review. The whistles  were LOUD and worked great and can even hook on to your key ring for those late nights in parking garages!!! I did receive my product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hoffmann Sausages #PRODUCTREVIEW

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We were sent several products fro Hoffmann sausage for our honest review. I have been a fan of this brand since my best friend in high school told me that the Hoffman hotdog stand was the go to place to go in the 70's ! Today it still is true if you want a good sausage it has to be a Hoffman. Now they are everywhere in grocery stores, online etc.. so everyone can experience this fine brand. I haven't tried everything has had to offer since they have a beautiful selection so it was great to be able to review these products and find that you just can't beat this brand. I think my favorite is the Italian sausage and the hot dogs. Oh sooo good. Perfect for all your summer events and great for gift giving too! We did receive these items for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

It's time to get your family a #BETTA Fish #FISH #PETS

The Betta fish is a amazing pet and there is a big craze of Betta lovers rising! People are running to get into this cool craze of  Chinese Fighting fish- Another name for the Betta fish.  Betta fish are aggressive - Both the male and female.  A Male is seen as more aggressive so he is  usually kept alone although sometimes you can put a male in with other fish but you just have to "watch to make sure he behaves" . They are absolutely gorgeous and the variety of colors are breathtaking! 
  Some people actually even "trim" their Betta fish and bring them to shows. They live approx 2-4 years although the average is closer to 2. They also can live in a very small bowl or even inside a water bowl with a plant! I would recommend the later and would highly recommend getting a nice little tank. You will get a lot more enjoyment out of this little guy if you can see him swimming around and some feel it helps with the color display. Send me a picture of your Betta on twitter @R47R I would love to see it! 

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Purely Elizabeth #PRODUCTREVIEW

Banana nut butter, chocolate sea salt , coconut cashew and peanut butter - Purely Elizabeth bars!!!

Relax with me as and enjoy Purely Elizabeth bars and oatmeal!

We were sent several products to review and I have to say I was really impressed with the flavor. The bars are grain free and a perfect superfood to snack on. I had a bar as a replacement meal and found I wasn't hungry which is a big plus. The oatmeal is filling and is a crunchy treat when adding the topping! Yum! You can even put it in the refridgerator overnight and add milk and it's ready in the morning for work or put hot water in. The flavor is unbelievable!

oatmeal -
Blueberry Lemon, Coconut Turmeric and Raspberry Pitaya! To order yours
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