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Saturday, December 15, 2018


Image result for Sprezza box December 2018

We had fun reviewing the sprezza Box to give you are thoughts. I wondered what Clay would think about it since he is a farmer and works in a factory Well it was a hit! He loved the tie for church and the other items that were made specifically for men made him feel special.  Guys will usually tell you what they think exactly and Clay loved the box. Everything was well made and "USEFUL"! The socks were classy and I related this gift a little like giving a lady jewelry. It just had that feeling of you are special so I am giving you this. What a wonderful gift to give that special someone on your list! You can purchase items right at the site but the Subscription box is the best value as one item pretty much pays for the whole box which was full of items! Loved the Sprezza box! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

(this gave me a chuckle since I love make up! 


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Our Guinea pigs are stars on TV in the Philippians!

I just wanted to share with you one of our videos of our Guinea pig farm. We were approached by a network for permission to air some of our videos on their network. We said YES of course as we love to share our animals. All said this is one creature I just love as they have such a sweet nature! 

Christmas Cactus in bloom

Feeding the chickens and Turkeys on the farm

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Grandpa Soap Co Body Wash #PRODUCTREVIEW

Image result for grandpa soap Apple cider vinegarTo order yours go to
Image result for peach christmas trees    Want to give something really special to someone this season? Give them The Apple-cider-vinegar Body wash. I absolutely loved it! It has a wonderful scent and I felt so clean and beautiful! Perfect to slip in a stocking or to tie a ribbon around to give to the spa lover on your list! What really made me excited about this product was the scent.. It smells so good I kept wanting to smell it and then when I bathed with it I was sold! This is one of those products that you will cherish and use for date night or everyday really special! I give this a 5 out of 5 stars! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 
Image result for peach christmas garland

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ICE CHIPS® Root Beer Float Xylitol Candy

To order yours go to

We definitely wanted to add Ice Chips Candy to our Holiday gift guide this year as this company is exploding with wonderful delights for your candy cravings... flavors such  as pumpkin spice, egg nog, etc.. make them  stand out! They even have a business opportunity now for those looking to start their own gig! These tasty morsels carry a powerful burst of flavor that you will fall in love with. No matter what your taste they have something for everyone!. In the current batch of flavors they sent our way I loved the Root beer float. It reminded me of drinking a root beer float as a kid.. sooo yummy! The candy is made with Xylitol which doesn't promote tooth decay and doesn't bother insulin levels two things that are a big concern in our home. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list and if you have a big candy buff get them a whole lot of this candy they will love you for it! I did receive these products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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HAPPY DOLPHIN Bamboo Alpaca Fingering

To order your go to

I am loving the Happy Dolphin Yarn by Expression Fiber Arts. Perfect for shawls and sweater making. The perfect gift to give those on your Holiday list who love fiber arts! What I love about all the yarns at Expression Fiber Arts is the quality. You just can't beat the quality and the price point. I found they work nice on the my needles and my finished project is something I can be proud to wear or give as a gift. I am in the process of making a vest from this yarn. It is soooo gorgeous. I wanted something I could wear often and with everything so a vest seemed like the perfect project so I could wear it a lot! Stay tuned for more on this project. I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Killer Chicken Hot Shot Recipe

as... seen on my facebook this morning... :)  This is so good I just wanted to post my recipe here for all of my cooking buddies Enjoy!

LUNCH and it was delicious
Killer Chicken Hot Shot Recipe
4 pieces of chicken boiled
then put in a frying pan add
1/2 cup peppers
1 can mushrooms
1/2 cup hot sauce
1/4 cup onion
1/4 cup blue cheese salad dressing
1/2 cup butter
cook about 15-20 minutes - SUPER GOOD!!!!
You can thank me later *WINK*
Also great for leftovers and turkey!


   To order yours go to

If you love quilting sewing or just about any type of project you are going to LOVE the  Quilting sewing ruler. This is such a joy to work with. I found it wonderful for small and large projects. Easy to measure and mark off sections of fabric or just to measure various squares and shapes for your quilting pleasure. If you have someone on your Holiday list that loves sewing you will be a hero giving them this! I love it! Please share this post with your facebook and instagram friends to let them see this is available! I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.. PS take a peek at everything at their site lots of nice things there! 

Big congrats to my daughter - in-law who just graduated from her first step in her nursing career! 
You go Courtney!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Make Holiday curtains with a glue gun! #HOLIDAYCRAFTS #HOMEDECOR

Everyday I try to do something crafty. I love working with glue guns because they are fast and you can make something or repair something quickly. I made my Holiday curtains from some spare fabric and a hot glue gun! 
Here are some tips.... 
measure your window to make sure the fabric will cover it and have a little give ... my bottom curtain says Merry Christmas so I purposely didn't give it a lot of flowing room so my friends could read it while standing at my door. 

Get magnetic curtain rods if your door is metal I like doing that so I can adjust where I want the curtains to hang.

When applying the glue from the glue gun.. put a nice size dab on and then smooth out the glue on top of the fabric make sure the glue has cooled enough to work with this way the glue will be flat instead of bumpy on your finished project! 

Finally.. if you are like me have some fun.. This set didn't match but I am going to make a matching curtain for the top but I didn't have to as it's only Holiday decor and actually looks cute just as it is!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Ruthie's EZ PEEZY Peanut Butter Fudge #RECIPE #COOKING

Image result for peanut butter fudge

One of my family's old favorite recipes is Peanut Butter fudge. The one problem I saw with my sister's and I is that it did not come out perfect everytime.. I will share how I changed our recipe up to make it come out PERFECT everytime

2 cup sugar
3/4 cup  milk
peanut butter the size of a egg
(mine -- Jar of peanut butter! )

for chocolate (mine ) 1/3-1/2 cup bakers cocoa

In a large skillet on high  mix milk and sugar and let it come to soft ball stage (that means when you take a spoon and drip it a drop of the sugar and milk into the water and it turns into a little ball) Add peanut butter and cook on high until it is all mixed together. About a minute or two when it starts to thicken... Not too long or it will be syrup!... Here is what I do ..I let it cook until it is mixed together and then turn it off  only about a minute and keep stirring and adding peanut butter until it is thickened. This old recipe is delicious but I hated to wonder if it would come out.... just by changeing the recipe I found it made it come out everytime. Today I made my fudge and only had a little bit of peanut butter so I had to do it the old way but it sometimes comes out. All said don't be afraid to take your old family recipes and work with them or any  recipe and make them work for you so your family can enjoy them.

Here is my Dad and my son at Christmas

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Image result for California navel orangesTo order yours go to

Nothing says Old fashion Christmas like a beautiful box of oranges. People love foody gifts. I am delighted to share this review for you as I had such a great time eating these oranges! Fresh and juicy at the time of year when everything is dry and cold.  California Oranges  bring that Christmas sun indoors. This is the perfect gift to send to loved ones that are far off . Always a hit and great for employers as well to send to workers and clients! What I love about these oranges is every single one is like a big present. You will definitely be remembered giving California oranges to those on your Christmas list! 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


GT300To order yours go to

I am more than just a little addicted to using a hot glue gun.. but what I hate is a hot glue gun that just drags. A glue gun can be a life saver as well as a fun way to enjoy some down time. Arrow sent me a couple glue guns for my honest review. I am in the midst of a romodel on our home and want to organize EVERYTHING. I am not loaded with money but we get a lot of cardboard and packing stuff so what is a smart girl like me going to do.. use what I have until I can afford better I am in the midst of using all these items an making some shelving, decor etc . I had been in Interior Design for a few years so trust me. You will be surprised at how things can be put together in a pinch so here are a few ideas .. 
  Don't toss those christmas rolls out yet.. let the kids make a shoe rack.. 

 Réalisation d'une colonne bleue en carton pour piece d'eau  Toilet shelf!

some decorations for Christmas...

Wallflowers (aka: How To Cover A Wall With Fabric) | Young House Love  I am even considered coating a few walls that despartely need sanding with fabric and using a hot glue gun vs glue as I believe that if I remove it it will be a lot easier later! 

So what do I think about the Arrow gun? It is Way better than the one I purchased at the local department store. Professional quality and perfect for small and big projects. If you are going to be a super hot glue girl like me.. you need to get the good tools get a Arrow gun you can kiss me later for that! I did receive these products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Clay is driving after Hip Replacement Surgery

Tuve los sueños de un ENORME REVIVAL MEXICANO en el año 2000 #MEXICANREVIVAL

Pensé que esto sería una publicación interesante y hablé de esto antes en twitter y facebook y ahora voy a hacer un blog sobre esto ya que me parece extremadamente interesante. En primer lugar, permítame decir que las cosas son complicadas y no estoy tomando posiciones políticas, sino que quiero compartir acerca de los extraños sueños que mi familia y yo tuvimos alrededor del año 2000. Mamá y papá tuvieron 7 hijos y todos amamos al Señor y He visto muchos milagros a través de los años y son personas de oración. Aquí está mi historia.

Tuve unos sueños realmente extraños en el 2000, sé que la Biblia habla de los viejos hombres que tienen sueños ... lo realmente extraño de mi sueño fue que sentí que estaba allí. Soñé que estaba en un enorme estacionamiento de iglesia y que había toneladas y toneladas de autos. Estaba realmente seco y no había hierba en el suelo. Vi un coche blanco y salí de allí algunos de mis sobrinos como niños pequeños. Una mujer se me acercó y ella era una dama mexicana y yo puse ambas manos sobre su cabeza y creo que mi única hermana estaba junto a mí y rezamos por la dama mexicana. También estábamos afuera de una tienda blanca. .. Tuve 3 tipos de sueños similares ... Ahora aquí es donde se pone de moda ... ¡Sentí que realmente estaba allí! Pero sabía que era un sueño ... Mi hermana, la misma que dije, estaba en mi sueño sin saber que tenía este sueño ... de la nada me dijo que tenía un sueño con nosotros orando por la gente. .. Ahora es más extraño. Mi otra hermana, Patty, vino a visitarme con su esposo y me dijo que tuvo un sueño. Sin saber que Mi otra hermana y yo teníamos sueños. Soñó que estaba en medio de un enorme renacimiento mexicano y que vio a un sobrino diferente a los que yo vi, en algún tipo de edificio y vio a una mujer mexicana. Ella vio a una señora mexicana específica que es una ministra que mi familia conoce DENTRO de la fachada del edificio White, ¡lo vi en mi sueño! Creo que la mujer era solo un símbolo de la gente mexicana ... Bueno, se volverá aún más extraño ... mientras estábamos hablando con su esposo en otra habitación, ¿de qué hablan las chicas? Él tampoco sabiendo que todo esto tuvo el sueño de un gran avivamiento con los mexicanos ... Ahora esto fue en el 2000 alrededor de ese tiempo. ¡Aquí tenemos a 4 personas, todas desconocidas entre sí, tenían sueños de un renacimiento mexicano!

Ahora esto realmente me preocupó ... ya que era una cosa tan extraña. Todos nosotros amamos al Señor y aceptamos a Jesús en nuestros corazones. Ahora ... en este momento ninguno de nosotros sabía nada de la frontera ni nada de eso. Fue alrededor del año 2000. No prestamos mucha atención a las noticias y estábamos en la mitad de los 30. Criando niños, trabajando. El mundo era un lugar diferente entonces y todas las cosas que estaban sucediendo en nuestro mundo en este momento hubieran parecido descabelladas. Le pregunté a mi predicador acerca de eso y él dijo que tal vez vas a ir a un viaje misionero. ¡Ahora me río cuando creo que muchas personas tienen sueños del Señor y creo que Dios nos estaba mostrando este movimiento masivo de personas a nuestro país! Miro mucho de tu tubo y parece que hay una multitud mixta de personas que vienen ... y en esa multitud hay personas que aman al Señor y creen que Dios los está enviando. Sinceramente, como estadounidense y como cristiano, no sé qué pensar, simplemente lo encontré extremadamente interesante. Escuché a Perry Stone, un conocido ministro decir en un momento que Dios podría estar mezclando cosas para que la gente acepte al Señor. Todos decían que no había opiniones políticas de mi parte, pero pensé que esto era extremadamente interesante, especialmente después de haber visto varias conversaciones con personas de habla mexicana, que sentí que eran verdaderamente cristianos, dicen que creían que Dios protegería y les ayudaría a llegar a Estados Unidos. Recuerda que esto es un asunto tan complicado. No quiero tomar ninguna posición política, solo quería compartir mi historia como cristiano, además de que era realmente interesante. Todos dijeron que todo lo que hago es rezar. Tengo curiosidad, aunque ¿alguien más ha tenido un sueño del Señor sobre esto? No he oído hablar de nadie más que nosotros. Me encanta estudiar profecías bíblicas y me gusta compartir cosas en mis diarios bíblicos cuando hago YouTube: así que todo lo que podía pensar era en las Escrituras que hablan de un gran avivamiento en los últimos tiempos.

 14 Y este evangelio del reino será predicado en todo el mundo como un testimonio a todas las naciones, y entonces vendrá el fin. Mateo 24

Espero que disfruten este artículo y lo pongan ante el Señor como un asunto de oración :)

Espero que disfruten este post y oren por todo esto.

I had dreams of a HUGE MEXICAN REVIVAL back in 2000 #MEXICANREVIVAL

I thought this would be interesting post and I talked about this before on twitter and facebook and now I am going to blog about this as I find this extremely interesting. First of all let me say that things are complicated and I am not taking any political stands but rather want to share about the weird dreams my family and I had in around 2000. Mom and Dad had 7 kids and all of us love the Lord and have seen many many miracles through the years and are people of prayer.  Here is my story.

I had a really strange dreams in 2000, I know the Bible talks about Old men having dreams.. what was really strange about my dream was I felt like I was right there. I dreamed I was in a huge church revival parking lot and there were tons and tons of cars. It was really really dry and no grass on the ground. I saw a white car and coming out of it were a few of my nephews as small children.  A woman came up to me and she was a Mexican lady and I laid both hands on her head and I believe my one sister,  was next to me and we prayed for the Mexican lady.  We were also outside of a white store front. .. I had 3 similar types of dreams.. Now here is where it gets funky.... I felt like I was really there! But I knew it was a dream.. My sister the same one I said was in my dream not knowing I had this dream.. out of the blue told me she had a dream with us praying for people. .. Now it get's stranger.. My other sister Patty came to visit me with her husband and she told me she had a dream.. not knowing that My other sister and I both had dreams.   She dreamed she  was in the middle of a huge Mexican revival and she saw a different nephew  than the ones I saw, in some type of building and saw a Mexican woman. She saw a  specific Mexican lady who is a minster that my family all  knows INSIDE  the White building storefront, I saw in my dream! I think the woman was just a symbol of the Mexican people... Okay it's gonna get even stranger.. while we were talking her husband in another room said what are you girls talking about? He too not knowing all this had a dream of a big revival with Mexican people... Now this was in 2000 around that time. Here we have 4 people all unknown to each other had dreams of a Mexican revival! 

Now this really troubled me.. as it was such a strange thing. All of us love the Lord and accepted Jesus into our hearts. Now.. at this time none of us knew anything of the border or any of that. It was around 2000, We didn't really pay a lot of attention to the news and were in our mid 30's. raising kids, working. The world was a different place then and all of the things happening in our world right now would have seemed farfetched. I asked my preacher about it and he said maybe you are going to go on a Missionary trip. I laugh now as I do believe many people have dreams from the Lord and I believe that God was showing us this mass movement of people to our country!  I watch a lot of you tube and it seems like there is a mixed multitude of people coming... and in that multitude are some people that love the Lord and are believing God is sending them. Honestly as a American and as a Christian I just don't know what to think, I just found it extremely interesting. I heard Perry Stone, a well known minister say at one point that God could be mixing up things for people to accept the Lord. All said No political views from me but I thought this was extremely interesting especially after I saw several you tubes with Mexican speaking people,  who I felt were genuinely Christians,  say that they believed God would protect and help them get to America. Remember this is just such a complicated issue. I don't want to take any political  stands I just wanted to share my story as a christian plus I was really interesting. All said all I do is pray. I am curious though has anyone else had a dream from the Lord on this? I haven't heard of anyone else but us. I love studying Bible prophecy and like to share about things in my Bible Journals when I do youtubes.. so all I could think of was the Scripture that talks about a huge revival in the end times. 

 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24

Hope you enjoy this article and put it before the Lord as a matter of prayer :) 

I hope you enjoy this post and pray about all this 

Saturday, December 1, 2018


The Best of Gary Poppins Collection - Gary Poppins Popcorn (Hide)   To order yours go to

I am a popcorn hound. It's funny right before this review came in I was making huge pans of popcorn for our family to just snack on. What a great treat this was!  So easy to just whip open a bag and watch a funny movie. Looking at the site I was amazed at all the wonderful flavors!... and I mean there are a lot! Here are just a few Dark and White Chocolate Caramel, Classic Cheddar, Kettle , Classic Caramel, Creamery Butter, White Cheddar Jalapeno. My favorite was the White Chocolate Caramel - It was soooo gooood! This is the perfect gift to give the popcorn hound on your gift list and who doesn't love food as a gift! I gave this product 5 out of 5 stars. I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.  

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Friday, November 30, 2018

SanSucri #Product Review in the AIR FRYER! #BAKING

Image result for Sans SucreImage result for Sans Sucre brownies 
Image result for Sans Sucre pudding

To order yours go to

I am way past the days of working hard in the kitchen.. I do work hard but I work smart so I can enjoy my cooking hobby to the max! Especially now that Christmas is coming. I wanted to share this company as part of our Holiday Gift guide. A MUST BUY!!!  Here is what I do to keep my Holiday schedule running smoothly for snack time.   I go to the dollar store and get the smallest baking dishes I can find and bake in my air fryer. It is amazing. I always laugh and say I am using my easy bake oven. It is perfect so everyone gets a bite but we don't overdo it. I won't lie San Sucri is one of my favorite baking products. It has no sugar added and LOW in calories. Cholesterol free and made with Stevia which is a plant - a natural sugar substitute. But that's not the main reason. Hands down it is the taste of All of San Sucri goodies ! 

 Oh those blessed brownies!   They put the C in chocolate!  There is just so much good I can say about this brand. Not a lot of ingredients to add to the mix. Example I made the Fudge and Blondie brownies today and all I had to add was oil and water. Now that is fast. What? The doorbell rings..  you get surprise company! Do your greetings excuse yourself and pop in one of these mixes. a hour later you are serving dessert! (allowing for cooling time)

  Clean up is a quick too as all you really have is a big bowl a pan and a measuring cup. For this cook I say 10 thumbs up to Sans Sucre for Holiday cooking.  A definite must for the busy Holidays for gift giving, quick snacks, and for Holiday gatherings. 

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Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion | Back Support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief, Washable Cover   To order yours click here

Clay is still recovering from his hip replacement surgery so what better time it is to do a review of Aylio's seat cushion and resistant bands? Here are the pro's of the Aylio Coccyx Seat cushion. 
Good for back support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain relief and a washable cover. Con's -  NONE! We found that you felt immediate relief all over your body as you sat on the cushion. It was comfortable and not bulky. Perfect for when Clay goes back to work and can use it on his tow motor chair. The way this seat is shaped helps to take the pressure off your buttocks and hips. It felt Wonderful for your back. It was easy to take off the cover to clean to keep it hygienic and toss it in the washer. 

The Aylio 3 loop fitness bands stretch exercise set for legs (light, medium and Heavy Resistance ) Good for recovery after knee replacement, stabilization exercise, goblet squats, and other rehab. Easy to work with and portable. Great for exercise buffs too! I did receive these products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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