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Monday, October 22, 2018

Instragram vs Facebook ... What will happen over the Holidays??? #SOCIALMEDIA

Image result for Will instagram be bigger than facebook

Holidays are coming and what will this mean for Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook for the average guy  will be filled with Merry Christmas and hugs and local greetings but Instagram may burst into Holiday Joy as it displays somewhat of a twitter feel in that it isn't as local as Facebook. Moms will share their Holiday trees and crafts, companies will beg for likes and shares through sweepstakes as will Facebook. Holiday pets will be shared on both, etc.. but where I personally feel Instagram will burst out in glory will be the Holiday pictures, recipes, stories, etc.. People will visit one another in family gatherings and Sally will tell grandma to get on instagram something she probably hasn't even heard of and Sally will have a hour to show Granny while she is visiting on her new Holiday smart phone. While turkeys are cooking and college kids are sitting in relatives homes those smart phones will be bopping with instagram photos of grandpa sleeping in the chair or a picture of the entire family. I believe that when January hits Instagram will have a burst of followers just from the sheer "talk" and visits from the younger generation introducing this social media to the next generation as in the eyes of the older generation they have mastered facebook and twitter and are ready to move on to the next thing. Senior Citizens who have the time and means to buy smart phones, try out apps etc.. a unseen force that is to be contended with!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Adult Sweater Merry Christmas everyone .. I celebrate all year long if you want to get one of these babies go to

It has become a tradition every year I have people asking me to borrow a ugly sweater? Should I be insulted.. Moms you know what I am saying why not get even and wear a few of these babies to hand to your little  beggers while handing over old sweaters LOL! Your friends will get a good laugh!   Get one for everyone in your family too! Every year everyone in my church wears a ugly sweater for Christmas. Companies, families, events yes it is thing now everyone has to have a few way cool ugly sweater's in their closet. Plus gift giving is a breeze especially if you go early around thanksgiving you can give everyone on your Christmas list one of these as well as wrap up a few for the actual day and celebrate the Christmas Holiday visiting relatives with your ugly sweaters on! I had a ball looking at all the stuff on they have items for all year long this is the perfect spot to get all your gift giving done for home, school, the office, clubs, secret santa and more!!! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. Please share this post with all your friends! 
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My birthday is right around Halloween so every year I end up with a group of people at my home on Halloween.   We usually end up giving out candy and even dress up ourselves as the little ones knock on the door.  I remember one year running out of candy and handing out cocoa the kids were thrilled! I love the TV Store Online  Shark outfit it is scary because of Jaws to the adults and the babies will love that you are a big fish and won't cry! This outfit is so cool that if you are a business owner you can even use it for promotional events at your store say for shark week etc..! It can be used in  homeschooling for  moms. What better way to teach your children?  Then  later , have your older kids add to the homeschooling community by teaching about fish in a shark outfit to other childeren. Great for  public school teachers too!  You could have a ball with this! Now let's not stop there.. Go check out all the items at TV Store online and stock up on some great outfits for the whole year!!! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. Know a friend that doesn't know what to be for Halloween share this post with them ! 


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Sunday, October 21, 2018

My 87 year old Mom may get eye laser surgery?

My brother called me the other day and told me he is encouraging my 87 year old Mom to have laser surgery. So I looked into it. It looks like the surgery is a breeze. The only discomfort would be the machine and pressure and it sounds like there is really no way for a mistake to be made as it is pretty much done by a computer that will shut down before it makes a error. Recovery at worse sounds like some burning in the eyes for just a few hours but they give you medicine to sleep and you can sleep it off. All I read is reading glasses so I am not a candidate for the surgery. My husband and I actually both have the same prescription which is great in a pinch we can share glasses. All said depending on your bravery level it may be a good opinion for seniors.

Here is Mom holding my older brother and one of my older sisters.

( I am not in any of the pictures Mom had 7 children and I came along later ;) 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

What is Alexa? Holiday Shopping with Alexa and don't be afraid.

Image result for Alexa shopping

What is Alexa? To me it reminds me a bit of that little screen on your lap top that you can type in anything and ask a question to.. for the newbie.. You can ask Alexa questions etc.. and there are a lot of devices that are similar. Apps, etc.. can be added a little like a smart phone a virtual "brain" for you. 

With the Holidays coming Alexa may be on your list or may pay for itself with the deals it brings to you. Some people are worried that Alexa can hear everything and there are tons of conspiracy theories on the internet. As a Christian here is how I feel about it.. you might as well toss out your microwave, phone, internet and move off the planet with satellites etc. pretty much we are living in 1984 as cameras are everywhere and so are conspiracy theories..

Some worry about no where to hide during the Tribulation period... and that Alexa is watching and recording them.. It is true that eventually the Antichrist and his kingdom will be here.. but not before the rapture of the church..

Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Face it we live in a society now where there is no where to hide.. and really as a Christian you shouldn't have to hide if you believe the Bible and go with the Rapture.  So don't get caught up in worrying about technology enjoy your Alexa and if you aren't doing anything wrong you shouldn't have to worry and conspiracy theories are about everything! I have a lot of Christians who follow my blog and thought I would address this as I have heard the "fears of owning Alexa." .

Friday, October 19, 2018


As Seen On Tv Zoomtubes Racer Pack Set Zoom Tubes Car Trax 25-PC Rc Car Trax Set With 1 Blue Racer And ...

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Wow Wee this is a fabulous racing toy! Complete with remote control for ages 5 and up! You will be a hero this holiday season if you get your child one of these. What I liked best about this is that the car races through the tube I felt like it kept the vehicle from jumping off the tracks and into a plant LOL! (Even though I have ditched my plants if you saw my previous posts! ) All said a fun toy for the whole family and for the little racer in all of us. The At seen On TV Zoom Tube Car Trax is all that and a bag of chips! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Image result for hula hoops

It is Hoola Hoop Time! 

I love to find great way to stay fit that is fun and adds a little zip to your life! I remember as a kid the Hoola Hoop!  Everyone had one! If you want to try something that will help you get a skinny middle and for better movement go for the Hoola Hoop! 

   Here is me and a friend graduating from High School back in 1981 in Baldwinsville New York

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I have 5 cats and I came to the conclusion that in my house plants and cats don't go together. They are constantly knocking them down and although I had a beautiful collection of plants I have gathered them together and out the door they go. But that doesn't mean I can't marry my hobby of crochet and plants? With JanaWhitney's Soft & Snuggly Cati you can easily make these cute little plants to decorate your home and to give to your friends who may even have allergies. The patterns were easy to follow and EVERYTHING you need is in kit. A great gift for the crochet lover on your Holiday list and something they can enjoy all year long! I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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My 4 sisters and I could all learned how to crochet first. Knitting came later. We could purl and knit but some of the other skills were not added until later. I have a few friends like this who have been crocheting for awhile but never took on knitting which I really encourage you to take the leap especially if you are like me and doing hand crafts daily. It gives your hand a little different movement which helps if you achy hands from our crocheting addiction plus there are beautiful products that you never even dreamed you can make once you learn the joy of knitting. I love knitting and it is something that I do well at. Easy and fun! Knitting 101 will get anyone old or young started on your way to make wonderful items. This book will take you step by step and is even a wonderful book to use as a text book if you are a homeschooler or teach art at a private school. I know when I went to private school I was thrilled that our art teacher taught us how to knit! A wonderful gift for the Holidays and for any crafter! Please do me a favor and share this post on your social media outlets! 


I have 5 cats.. 2 are on loan until my friend moves into an apartment. 

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One Piece Knits by Margret Hubert #KNITTING #KNIT

When I am not crocheting I am knitting. I love to knit and I find it really relaxing. The one thing I love about knitting is I can do it in the dark! LOL. I love taking my knitting to the movies or drive in it is the best!!! Knitting sweaters is the best and I always feel so wonderful when I wear something that I have made! One Piece Knits by Margret Hubert is a must for any true knitter, easy patterns and with 255 pages this will keep those needles clicking! I will be sharing some of  my projects as I finish them on social media so please make sure you are locked into my social media links to keep up with what I am working on and what I finish! Get the book too and share with me what you are making I would love to see what you do! What I really love about this book is that it has multiple sizes so you can knit for the entire family matching sweaters or just tailor something for each member! Thanks to Check out all the beautiful crochet and knit books that are available for you. I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 


<--- Here are my all German grandparents Christine and Harry Yingst Jr. I am all German as both of my grandparents on both sides are German. All from Lancaster County. They spoke German and Pennsylvania Dutch in the home. My grandparents lived among the Amish and it's funny how our roots go as now I live among the Amish in Upstate NY all said this picture gave me a chuckle when I saw the stylish looks of the 20's :) Grandpa Yingst worked for Bethlehem Steel and Christine Yingst was a mother and also worked in the factories to help the war effort. These two eloped and on their wedding night they both went back home and slept in their parent's home! They had 4 children together and my father was the only boy. Today I wear her mother's ring everyday :) 

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Easy Crochet Dishcoths #BOOKREVIEW #CROCHET by Camilla Ramussen & Sofie Grandgaard

I don't just love crochet I have a deep passion for it. In fact I crochet every single day of my life. It is a wonderful creative hobby that I started at about age 11. I fell in love with the Easy Crochet Dishcloth book by Camilla Schmidt and Sofie Grangaard. The patterns were easy to follow , were creative and fun ; ) You may have seen my other post about the products I received from I am loving this company and the how to books I have received. This book is the perfect gift to give to new and old crocheters alike! I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. Come chat with me about what you are making on twitter @R47R ig @RuthieandClayPople at my personal page and my new crochet like page 

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

In Business With Bees by Kim Flottum #BOOKREVIEW


Clay and I went out the other day as a favor to a friend to catch a bee swarm. A tree had been hit by lightning and split in half. Fallen across a back road was a large tree limb along with honey comb and those coveted bees.  Unfortunately we were notified late in the game.It had been a few days and the bees and honey comb had been run  over a few times by traveling cars.  Bees were everywhere,  slurping  up as much honey as they could to bring to their new home. We did set up a "nuc" box but came home empty handed. Still no loss as the owner of the home told us to come in the spring as he always has bees making a home somewhere.  Such is the life of a beekeeper! You win some you lose some. Always on the hunt,  and moving the family budget to purchase more bees or queens. In Business with Bees is a excellent tool for the new beekeeper (and old!!) to branch out into making money with  the bee hobby. Beekeeping is a expensive hobby and many get discouraged fast as prices go up up up to maintain your bees. Learning your skill and making money from your hobby and getting on the other side of the equation is where the modern beekeeper wants to be. Selling queens, nucs and honey. Training others for a fee and getting speaking gigs on how you did it. In Business With Bees will lead and guide you to make the most money so you can move quickly and market your hobby to be successful. Down to earth common sense advice that will help you to be successful and to earn big in this great business of beekeeping. This is a must read for every serious beekeeper.    <---- hot glue gun rings!

    <---- This is my Irish twin my older sister and one of her sons. A Irish twin is two children that are born 13 months or less apart. 

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They cut up their girdles and saved their foil .. #WOMEN

Image result for google images Women in 40's working on planes   I am a old fashioned woman at heart.  I love God, family and my husband, In this age of "the woman" I want to pitch in my part and urge those of like mine to roll up your sleeves and to love your husbands, family and God. I am not weak and helpless but rather STRONG. I am reminded of other women in times past like the women who faced the prairie to build a new life leaving family behind. Like those who boarded the Mayflower and like those during WW2 who at first they thought were just too weak to help. After the war got so bad these Mom's built air planes, raised their children - sent their girdles even to the president for the rubber and saved their foil. All in a effort to help bring our men home.  Image result for google images Women in 40's working on planes  Women built tons of planes!

Here we see a packed ship of our men returning home to us...
6_85722d_TroopShipUSCoastGuard (2)

Yes, ladies we are strong! As wives, mothers, working in and out of the home. I recently watched a old movie of Blondie with Dagwod and Blondie and Blondie came to the conclusion that the best thing the Mothers could do for the war effort in her town was to be mothers! And with that I want to encourage all the Moms, to be moms, and women.. and men in this post to encourage and help the Mothers of this generation to help build strong homes for the next generation.. Love God, family and your husbands. Be strong ladies we are strong and have a great task before us in these trying times and many of us even need to mother other mothers, other children and to help where ever we see a need for what only a mother can bring!

Taylor Toys #BasketBall hoop #ProductReview #Sports #FUN #BOYS

Image result for Taylor toys basketball hoop  To order yours click here

What child wouldn't love a basket ball hoop to hook on their door? Even college students love these and basketball fans to shoot hoops with the laundry! The Taylor Toys hoop comes with brackets to hook to the door and a nice hoop to get the game going. This can be set up about anywhere. Great for churches and private schools as well. This was fun to review and was easily hooked up. Sturdy and strong and a lot of fun! I did receive this item for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

    <----- Holiday Dinners are coming plan now by stocking up on paper plates, cups, and consider paying the kids to do the clean up!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Truth about your toilet and what REALLY cleans it! #TOILET #CLEAN

Image result for cleaning the toilet images

We've all heard it... Cola cleans the potty but the truth is no it does not. Not coke, pepsi or any of the other brands.. but what does clean the potty .. To begin let me just share the 3 naughty things you may find in your potty

mold - black stuff
pink - bacteria
yellow , rust  stuff

First things first.. LYSOL brand works the best but make sure you read the ingredients and warnings. Lysol kills germs etc.. the best..

Hate chemicals have little ones? Go for vinegar, dawn and baking soda. 

Enjoy a clean potty! 

  Don't freeze this winter crochet or have your friend knit you some super cool short or long underware ! 

  Here is my Mom with one of my sisters in the 1940's Momma is 87 and has 7 children. 

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Hot Glue Gun snowflakes #ART #CHRISTMAS

Hot glue ornament.  Print out a picture of a snowflake and cover it with wax paper. Rub a little dish soap over the wax paper to prevent the glue from sticking. Trace out with your glue gun. Wait to dry and peel off paper. Cover in modge podge and add glitter.  Let dry and flip over to glue a ornament hook to the back.

Christmas isn't far off and there is no time like the present to get started on some fun projects for the Holidays. Why not try your hand at making hot glue gun snowflakes! You can get a stencil from a coloring book or just go freehand. Use wax paper with a low temperature hot glue gun. You can add some fun by adding sparkles! Remember practice makes perfect. Do the little ones want to try it? Get Elmer's glue and let them work with that verses a hot glue gun! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Help for those who have anxiety... #GOODHEALTH

The Holidays are coming and sometimes anxiety levels go up during this time of year .. here are a few things that can help you through the season. 

1. Turn off the news and opt for Funny comedies

2. Read the Bible especially the book of Psalms before you go to bed and first thing in the morning

3. Get creative! Crochet, knit, draw, paint , play music.. anything that involves your hands !

4. put things in perspective.

5. Sit down, close your eyes and breathe deep.. we tend to breathe in shallow breaths when we are upset.

6. If you are anxious for more than a week check in with your regular doctor stress can mess with your body's chemistry and you may need to take something to balance out your body.

7. Keep the pretty thoughts flowing... sometimes we don't even realize it and we are talking poorly to ourselves all day. Talk and think about happy things like a craft you are going to do , or a movie you want to watch, etc..  change the channel so to speak in your head if there is something that is bothering you you aren't a bad person if you pray and forget it trusting God to take care of that sick grandmother, or don't have to dwell on it 24/7 you actually need to keep up your morale to be the most help for them! 

8. Relax and do something fun once a day just for you.. maybe it's a cup of coffee with a good book or a walk . 

9. Get a pet or plants. Taking care of something helps to get our focus off us.

10. Finally one good belly laugh a day and hug a friend or even yourself if you are alone! 

Why buy stencils when you can make your own with a hot glue gun?

Glue gun stencils have become my favorite thing to make, taking only minutes and giving a whizzy (new word?), quirky look.  This idea... 

I love creating things and it's easy with a hot glue gun to create things fast and easy! If you love to journal, paint, or whatever why not pull out your glue gun and try your hand at glue gun stencils? Super fast and can be one of a kind! And now there are glue sticks that have glitter, etc.. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Porcupines don't get quilled!

Image result for north american porcupine

Living in the country I am always on the look out for wildlife. Although I have never seen a porcupine in my backyard I know that in Upstate NY they are around. Here are a few things that may not know about the porcupine that may help you in  pinch. The quails are not poisonous but you need to stay clear of these little fellas as direct contact with them may mean a bunch of quills stuck in your hands. Dogs are the ones that usually experience the discomfort of a Porcupine's quill. A dog touching the quills will land him with a face full of them. They should be removed by a vet. Each quill has a barbed end that will continue to go into the skin and can be painful. If you don't see a porcupine on the ground look up! They can be found in the trees  looking for food and some have been known to even build a nest in the tree. They come in a variety of colors and usually mate in the fall producing one baby. Twins are rare with the porcupine. They are neat little creatures and although I haven't seen one locally I enjoy seeing them at our local zoo. Did you know that you can purchase Porcupine quills on Amazon? Some people use these to make crafts. Did you know they are most active at night? If you have porcupines in your area make sure your dog is in for night! Share this info with a homeschooling Momma.  

ck out one of my new groups on facebook... to learn how to WIN BIG in #SWEEPSTAKES

HOW TO WIN BIG PRIZES.. TIME IS THE CURRENCY OF THE WEALTHY.. WATCH IT WHILE ENTERING SWEEPSTAKES time is your money so to speak! LOCAL AND BIG SWEEPS IS WHERE IT IS AT for 1,000-100,000 checks and YES! People REALLY DO WIN THE PUBLISHER'S CLEARING HOUSE but the ODDS ARE HUGE. MAGAZINES HAVE HUGE AMOUNTS here is the key ENTER THESE EVERY SINGLE DAY AND COMPILE A BIG LIST OF THESE through the years when you find a car sweepstake file it under car.. enter every time you can the same for refrigerators, computers, etc.. just about anything. Some people win these a lot because they Put the work into it after a few years they are winning these more and more.. it takes consistency and PATIENCE .. Do enter smaller ones too as the big ones are long.. such as the O magazine etc.. but make a list of all BIG amounts and LOCAL - just google your local newspapers, radio stations,etc.. Being observant is the Key Good luck to all! - Remember there are no guarantees and someone may enter for a year and someone may win it with one entry but the odds are in your favor if you enter these year after year and start to compile lists of big money and local and soon you will find they may be in your favor good luck to all :)

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